INVESTOR PROFILE: The Many Lives of Violet Pearson

When interviewing successful change makers, it can often be daunting to navigate through their illustrious career of different professional chapters. Hera Hub Atlanta owner and EnrichHER investor Violet Pearson is no exception to this rule and her story will empower you to chase after your dreams. Her own life challenges have fueled inspiration to create opportunity, community, and safety for women across the globe and continue her own education as a lifetime changemaker.

As a child growing up in Nigeria, Violet was inspired by the drive of her mother who owned a number of restaurants as well as a poultry farm. “My mother never even saw an inside of a kindergarten classroom growing up”, states Violet. With a lack of formal schooling and endless tenacity, her mother worked tirelessly to create educational opportunities for her six children. By the time Violet herself reached her college years in Ibadan Nigeria, she desperately wanted to study mechanical engineering but a Geology degree was her only available option. It is worth noting that at the time, she didn’t even know what the study of Geology entailed but understood the opportunity of a college education regardless.

With a Geology degree under her belt and a dream of becoming a businesswoman just like her mother, Violet’s parents put her on a plane with $50.00 in her pocket. She courageously left Nigeria and headed to pursue a Masters in Business , with stern words from her father, “Don’t come back for at least 10 years”.

Starting with an entry level job in Geology with Chevron, Violet’s drive pushed her into a marketing strategy position within Chevron in San Francisco and after a year, she decided to apply to business school. While focused and striving for a brilliant future, pangs of Violet’s past continued to surface and influence her own personal relationships as an adult. While experiencing an unhealthy marriage herself, she realized she was repeating patterns that ran deep through her family. With a curious mind, Violet decided to go back to school and better understand the psychology behind how a strong woman such as her mother, subjects herself to abuse. Going back for another masters degree in feminine clinical psychology and understanding her truth would change Violet’s trajectory forever.

With a new found confidence and self-development, Violet became fully aware of her personal calling: To empower women around the world to achieve greatness. Violet set out to accomplish audacious goals with one accomplishment leading to the discovery of a new challenge she readily took on. A few of the many achievements prior to establishing the Atlanta Hera Hub include:

-Creating the non-profit Women’s Initiative For Self-Empowerment (WISE) in Ghana that empowers women and provides counseling and social services to survivors of violence. Services also include training judges, police officers and doctors on how to respond to domestic violence and sexual assault.

-Successfully advocated and overturned the Domestic Violence Bill in Ghana that once permitted legal rape in marriages.

- Creating a women’s leadership development institute, Moremi Initiatives for Women’s Leadership in Africa. An international non-profit aimed at equipping, promoting and mentoring young African women leaders.

-Created an International Consulting firm, Change Ignitors which focus’ on change management work and coaching private sector business’ to unleash their potential.

  • Founding member of which creates mentorship relationships between experienced political leaders and women looking to enter the world of politics.

We would love to weave through Violet’s entire history as a change maker but you will have to visit her at the Hera Hub to learn more! Fast forward to present day in Smyrna, Georgia. With a lack of creative spaces for women to launch their business’ and establish community, Violet opens the Atlanta chapter of co-working space, Hera Hub. The new Hera Hub Atlanta plans to open its doors by early 2019 and create opportunities for women to join together in the pursuit of business creation. In the meantime, Violet is hosting monthly virtual business accelerator workshops in pop-up workspaces to get ready for the launch as well invest in the EnrichHER platform. “I am so passionate about women leaders and the work that EnrichHER is doing. This is a great opportunity for women to invest intelligently and support the growth of women founded business”.

We are so grateful for investors like Violet who understand the importance and impact of debt-based financing opportunities for our female founders. We can’t wait for the launch later this month!


Do not wait until tomorrow to start working toward your dream. Whether you want to contribute to making a social impact by investing in the future of women-led companies, or if you have an exciting business growth strategy for your company, EnrichHER is here to help. Join our investment funding platform today.

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