OURERRANDS: Who says Personal Assistants are just for the Rich and Famous?

A few of the #OURERRAND assistants after their final training session!

As a personal assistant since the age of 11, Justice Miranda understands the “Jack of all Trades” mentality required to keep her employers happy and empowered to focus on their top priorities. She prides herself in knowing that she was able to alleviate stress and provide freedom and efficiency to her previous employers who consist of small business owners, franchises, and even celebrities.

During completion of her senior year in 2016, Justice partnered with cousin and co-founder DeShawn who had built a robust career as a pharmacist and manager within the Walmart brand. Their passion for assisting others to live the fullest lives possible drove the creation of OURERRANDS. An efficient, reliable, and ON-Demand assistant for every day needs that could empower the every day person. Now that the “WHY” of their company was established, the customer discovery process would take them down a winding road of many pivots until they found their sweet spot.

“We originally created this business targeted towards the working mom and home services. Because we were such a new company, we had not built up the brand trust yet and people were not open to the idea of “strangers” in their home. We then decided to pivot and market towards small business’ that could use extra assistance for a limited cost so they could maximize their financial resources and time while growing their business.”
Our official launch of #OURERRANDS at the A3C music conference in October 2017.

With the launch of OURERRANDS, Justice and DeShawn were able to connect college graduates looking to utilize their degrees in a creative way with business owners in need of great help without the long term commitment. OURERRANDS has created an easy to use tech-friendly platform for the everyday CEO. Sample tasks include social media maintenance, event set-up and breakdown, data analysis and contacting clients on behalf of the business owner.

In their second year of Personal Concierge for small business owners, they came to the realization that this wasn’t enough. So they pivoted again: Corporate Concierge. And now OURERRANDS corporate concierge services have really taken off with companies big and small. Most recently, a new partnership has been created through the Comcast NBCUniversal, The Farm Startup Accelerator in Atlanta. They are now providing on-demand, in person, and virtual services for select employees through their tech application as part of Comcast NBCUniversal’s benefits package. If you are an employee and need of a dry cleaning pick up or a dentist appointment scheduling, OURERRANDS can accomplish the task in the moment; which makes all employees more efficient with their time at work.

OURERRANDS at the EnrichHER Spark National Conference 2018

Though they have entered in to the corporate space, OURERRANDS still appreciates each client and referral that has been made throughout the process. Justice credits the EnrichHER platform and founder Dr. Roshawnna Novellus with the incredible introduction to Dr. Lakeysha Hallmon of The Village Market ATL who has become one of their best repeat clients. “I was watching the OURERRANDS team as they assisted Dr. Novellus at the EnrichHER SPARK Event and I was sold on the level of service I observed”, stated Dr. Key. As a young entrepreneur, “Justice has the gift of being an incredible listener. She paired me with an assistant on the OURERRANDS team that was a perfect fit for my needs and who ended up becoming a mentor of mine!” Needless to say, the EnrichHER platform has provided a robust space of resources and fruitful business relationships that keep paying it forward.

We are proud of all that the OURERRANDS team has accomplished in just two years and look forward to assisting Justice and DeShawn with resources as they grow their business!

Our team @TheVillageMarketATL

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