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A blast from the past: the early days of eBay

IMAGE: A screen with the eBay logo on top of a blurred image of the eBay logo in a field
IMAGE: Kevin Phillips — Pixabay

There’s a great article in The Guardian, “Wallets and eyeballs: how eBay turned the internet into a marketplace”, which is highly recommended reading both for old-timers like me who remember the early days of the web, as well as for digital natives born more recently. The article a review of a book by Ben Tarnoff, “Internet for the People: The fight for our digital future”, which will soon join my summer…




On the effects of technology and innovation on people, companies and society (writing in Spanish at enriquedans.com since 2003)

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Enrique Dans

Enrique Dans

Professor of Innovation at IE Business School and blogger at enriquedans.com

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