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In search of digital talent

Enrique Dans
Jul 6, 2017 · 2 min read

Canada joins France in announcing a program to attract digital talent from abroad, promising to carry out all the necessary paperwork to obtain a visa in just two weeks for those with the right skills. Initiatives like GoNorth Canada or those being discussed by French President Emmanuel Macron aimed at ​​turning France into a “land of unicorns” contrast sharply with the cuts undertaken by the Trump administration in the United States, highlighting increased competition for talent as a critical factor for the development of countries.

Two countries led by two young leaders, Emmanuel Macron and Justin Trudeau, who belong to a new generation of politicians capable of understanding technology and valuing its importance. Once, countries like Ireland helped attract tech companies not just by offering tax breaks but also to programs such as Make IT in Ireland. In practice, these are programs aimed at facilitating the entry of people with digital skills, aimed at making immigrants feel welcome and helping them with paperwork. They often also include administrative facilities, forums to share experiences, company news or bulletin boards with professional opportunities, etc.

More and more countries are beginning to realize that attracting talent is increasingly a key factor for their future competitiveness. Investing in education is the most logical and urgent measure, but is a complex process that can take time, to bear fruit.

Attracting talent is quicker and also contributes to creating an environment with greater abundance of digital talent that can also help speed up ambitious educational strategies.

At present, possessing coveted digital skills provides greater freedom of movement: brings in more and better-paid offers, along with more possibilities to find places where talent is rewarded. If you believe your talent is not adequately rewarded where you live, worry about the future competitiveness of your country, and think about a career somewhere it will be: there are more and more opportunities out there.

(En español, aquí)

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