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My foreword to The Blockchain Revolution, by Don and Alex Tapscott

Spain’s Deusto publishers asked me to write the foreword for the Spanish edition of “The Blockchain Revolution”, by Don Tapscott and his son Alex about one of the most interesting technologies in recent years and that offers full traceability for transactions and that will soon be part of our daily reality, whether we are aware of it or not.

I have long admired Don Tapscott, and even wrote a review in Spanish of his “Wikinomics” some time ago in Manager Focus: the request to write a foreword to the Spanish edition was a real honor. Moreover, I am an enthusiastic supporter of blockchain, a technology that many people associate solely with the domain of cryptocurrencies and the media hype of bitcoin, but that in reality is the ideal solution for all transactions, and that we will see everywhere, until it becomes the largest supercomputer in the world, perhaps creating a whole new internet in the process. Industries such as energy, music, distribution and supply chains, cybersecurity and the internet of things, real estate, banking, payments, insurance and a thousand other anything else entrepreneurs can come up with, will be affected by the arrival of a distributed database management system that makes transactional systems perfectly traceable and protects them from almost all the problems they usually suffer.

Last year I found myself reviewing a large number of blockchain-based projects for the Netexplo meeting in Paris, where I ended up interviewing the founder of Colu, an Israeli startup then working on blockchain applications with an API philosophy for all kinds of environments and that lately seems to have narrowed down their focus to payment systems. Since then it has become clear that in the future, blockchain will simply be the basis for all transactional systems, across all industries, and applying the most inclusive definition you can think of to the word “transaction”. With this in mind, the Tapscott’s book is a highly accessible text, easy to understand, filled with examples and one of the best ways to delve into the subject.

Here is the full translated text of my foreword to the Spanish edition of the book:

(En español, aquí)



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