Spot the robot dog can do much more than fetch sticks…

Enrique Dans
Feb 13 · 2 min read

In September 2019, internationally renowned robotics company Boston Dynamics, which is owned by Japan’s conglomerate SoftBank, began offering to lease out its four-legged robot Spot. Since then, some 75 companies have had access to it, many of which are beginning to consider practical uses besides the mere show-off.

After one company considered using Spot as part of a bomb squad, another has emerged: surveillance on a Norwegian oil rig owned by Aker BP, interested in achieving a high level of digitization and automation in its operations. The robot will patrol certain areas of the platform in search of gas leaks, which it will be able to detect thanks to its equipment with appropriate sensors, and will collect the data for constant analysis.

If you haven’t seen Metalhead, now’s a good time to do so: it confirms that the writer and creator of Black Mirror, Charlie Brooker, is a genius and a visionary and on a par with the best science-fiction authors.

If you doubt the increasing presence of robots in any environment, you have made a mistake somewhere in your analysis. Boston Dynamics’ website offers Spot for uses related to construction, oil and gas exploitation, security and entertainment. Resistant to water and dust, and able to operate in temperatures of -20ºC to 45ºC, at up to speeds of almost six kmh, with 360º vision and a battery life, easily interchangeable, of 90 minutes, it won’t be long before we spot these robot dogs in all sorts of situations.

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Enrique Dans

Enrique Dans

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Enrique Dans

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