The big picture in a short film on where the audiovisual industry is going

Kohei Okusa, Rob Knook and Juan Felipe Heredia, three former students of mine from this year’s Master in Visual and Digital Media at IE School of Communication, have made this short documentary, called Off the Record, as an assignment for one of their subjects on the Brand Journalism module. They have included a number of fragments from an interview with me specially carried out for the film. The opinions of other students in the class are aired too, along with those of two professors, Begoña González-Cuesta, dean of the School of Communication, and Javier Palomo, head of Business and Legal Affairs for MTV, Paramount, Nickelodeon and Comedy Central in Spain and Portugal.

Specifically, this is an exercise that consists of creating a piece of branded content for Netflix, but is just a student project and has no affiliation with Netflix, let alone commissioned by Netflix. The format was simply a question and spontaneous answer, with no previous preparation.

I thought the content was interesting because, aside from being well made, it provides the big picture on the evolution and future of the audiovisual media: my concern is with the slow rate of change in the industry, which seems to be ignoring technological development and the possibilities that technology offers and that is crazy to try and avoid, in the same way that irregular offer (P2P) ends up representing a much better value proposition than the industry’s own — when in reality, it shouldn’t be like this. Despite the obsessions of still too many, this is still not about the price, but being able to provide the user with a good experience.

(Texto en español, aquí)