This is How Shiny Objects are Killing Your Success

The new broom sweeps clean…

But the old broom still sweeps pretty darn well, no?

A Simple Leadership Lesson

Don’t let the foundational and important things in your life get obscured by the flashy terms, jargon, fads, and coolest latest shiny objects.


  • Mindfulness
  • Diligent and consistent work —achieving mastery
  • Ethics and Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Continuous Learning
  • Quality Family Life — our relationships and children
  • Teamwork
  • Win Win
  • Transparency and Clear communications

Examples of Shiny Objects

  • Blockchain and Cryptocurrenty
  • Cloning
  • Robotics
  • The Death of Brick and Mortar
  • Facebook and Twitter
  • Selfies
  • Self Improvement Experts, Blogs and Articles
  • Remote Ordering and Food Delivery


Am I suggesting we ignore new technologies and trends?

Am I saying you shouldn’t order your Panera sandwich via the app and get it delivered to you?

Am I advocating you throw away your iRobot Roomba and sweep your own floors?

Am I proposing that you stop ordering online and only buy your stuff at stores you can physically walk into?

Should you delete your Facebook and Twitter accounts?

No. No. No. No. And maybe?

What I am submitting to you is that Foundational things are important. And that the technology and innovation shouldn’t be allowed to rot away at the foundations of our families, our social fabric, and our lives.

  • Let’s get our kids reading again.
  • Let’s teach them how to define, diagnose and solve real problems so they become self-sufficient.
  • Let’s put time aside to talk. And not on social media. To have real substantive conversations, without the yelling, abusiveness and attacks.
  • Let’s take responsibility for what we say and do. Let’s own it. All of it.
  • Let’s take pride in what we produce. Let’s be masters of something. Anything.
  • Let’s recognize that Integrity and honesty are important.
  • Let’s care about what happens to people, animals, and our planet.
  • Let’s be Leaders again. Let’s Lead. Set the tone. Be role models. Examples. Walk the talk.

Let me challenge you to add to this list.

I didn’t spend time in jail just to allow this shit to go on without at least saying something about it.

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