At the end of a learning marathon

I’ve recently completed my first ever learning marathon. In Ali Norrish’s words, Enrol Yourself’s learning marathon is a place where you learn how to pace yourself with people there alongside you, willing each other to succeed at something unnecessary, optional and important. For me that was dancing, writing and performing about anxiety.

During our Finish Line weekend in Somerset we each wrote stories and poems that attempted to sum up what we had taken from the experience and what we wanted to remember moving forward. We shared this around the fire eating marshmallows and drinking wine.

I wrote a poem following the model of Oriah Mountain Dreamer’s The Invitation. This is my version of her poem. I wrote this mostly from myself to myself, but you might find it stirring, or somewhat interesting, too:

I’m not interested in your efforts to chase away your negative thoughts. Show me how you make space around them before you act

I’m not interested in how you dispense with your limitations and liberties. Tell me how you let their togetherness make you who you are

I’m not interested in how you want to transform yourself tomorrow. I want to know how able you are to see who you are you right now

I’m not interested in how clever your contributions can be. I want to know whether they come from a place in your body that feels authentic and truthful to you

I’m not interested in what you haven’t been able to achieve this week. I’d like to know how much readiness you have to admit what you have felt, learnt and received

I’m not interested in what counts as your time or as their time. I’m curious about what it is you have to learn from being part of something and there for someone when there is no guarantee

I’m not interested in how you are changing the world. Tell me first about how you seek to understand how you need to be changed

I’m not interested in answers or questions that make sense. I’d like to hear about everything that is unanswerable in your every day

I’m not interested in how you are different but in how you are the same, as all the other people being people. Tell me how often you share and how often you listen

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