Introducing: Education for Liberation Learning Marathon (Global-Online)

Imani Clough
Mar 26 · 7 min read

Meet Enrol Yourself’s first online peer group of 2021 as they embark on a 6 month learning journey to grow themselves, together…

A collage of the 10 participants on the Education for Liberation Learning Marathon

Having just reached the halfway point of the Explore phase, here is an opportunity to introduce the unique mix of individuals participating in the Education for Liberation Learning Marathon. They are now in full swing of their 6-month journey to reimagine education for the future of learning, each with their own societal, personal & professional questions.

Here is a close-up of the Global based group!

Anikah Cobblah

Anikah is a teacher, passionate about Personal Development Education and young people. Her approach to learning and personal development education is one of inclusion. In her work she ensures those who feel isolated, forgotten, and mistreated in society, have the opportunity to be accepted and recognised for who they are. Anikah’s natural attributes and qualities are to coach, support, empower and encourage anyone in her presence, supporting them to reach their potential. Her ideal outcome in life is to have an impact and create a legacy that continues beyond her own existence here on earth.

She enjoys meeting new people, exploring new cultures and her aim is to embrace and respect people from all backgrounds. Travel and new experiences are her most enjoyable moments!

Anikah’s Learning Question isWhat network of support can we provide for black people in the area of well-being and personal development?’

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Zineb Mouhyi

Zineb is one of the co-founders of the Weaving Lab, an international NGO and network of weavers, i.e. social change makers pioneering new approaches to collaboration and ecosystemic transformation. Prior to that, she was the Policy & Partnership Development Officer at WISE (World Innovation Summit for Education), at the Qatar Foundation in Doha, where she mainly worked on education development policy research and on bringing different education stakeholders together to bring forth collaborations in education. Zineb has also worked in the private sector in medium business restructuration and consulting. Zineb holds a Bachelors of Commerce from McGill University, Canada, and a Dual Master of International Affairs from Sciences Po Paris, and Columbia University, New York.

Zineb’s Learning Question is How might we enable young people to design the future of education?’

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Kati Russell

Kati is a learning strategist and producer. With nearly 20 years’ experience in the creative and cultural industries, the majority of her work has focused on tinkering with the space between education and industry in order to support young people into creative careers. Founder of The GirlHood, a series of projects that believe when girls create culture, girls change culture. She is a Devon based, ex-Londoner, from the Midlands and a mum.

Kati’s Learning Question is ‘How can the Creative Industries be most valuable in the liberation of learning?’

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Valerie Watson-Vega

Valerie is an educational psychologist from Lima, Peru, living in London since 2015. Most of her work experience has been in a variety of higher education contexts, from teacher training for the Peruvian Ministry of Education, to designing learning courses with universities in the UK. She’s passionate about learning and the powerful impact well designed, stimulating experiences can create. She is interested in intercultural education, decolonising knowledge, human rights and inclusive design.

Valerie’s Learning Question is ‘How can my education serve my liberation?

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Kruti Shah

Kruti is a Self-Leadership and Clarity Coach, certified from the Jay Shetty Certification School for life and success coaching. Her passion lies in reacquainting individuals with their potential and sense of agency by stepping into their inner leader! Kruti has a background in the charity sector, both on a professional and voluntary basis, specifically within the youth and education fields. Over the past 5 years, she has worked in fundraising and business development, volunteer management and youth participation roles. Additionally, she has mentored as well as tutored young people. When she is not thinking about ways to imagine a better world, she enjoys going for long walks, dancing, and playing crazy golf in the summer!

Kruti’s Learning question is ‘How can I enable purpose-driven young people to step into their leadership?’

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Mayssa Rezgui

Mayssa is a business student, trainer and youth advocate for ‘quality education’ in Tunisia. Her passion for education and youth empowerment has allowed her to combine her knowledge and skills to further develop her work in social activism initiatives, creating meaningful change in Education. A journey she wishes to further develop through this Learning Marathon to impact her community.

Mayssa’s Learning Question is ‘What if we radically reimagined education with youth and adults in full partnership?’

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Sophie Craven

Sophie is a recent addition to Falmouth, Cornwall where she spends her time painting, potting, swimming and working as a freelance learning designer and facilitator in creative education. She has been working in private blended learning for the last four years, and for the last two years she’s also been on a journey of self-care, authenticity and learning to live by her values.

Sophie believes that British education (and global education generally) does not do nearly enough to build young people’s emotional intelligence, creativity and ability to adapt to change or deal with trauma, and so wants to move forward into educational & social research and policymaking.

She is also very interested in how rituals and collective processing can help us understand ourselves and grow as humans. For Sophie, it’s all about finding ways to bring the human and the community back into education — because otherwise, what is the point?

Sophie’s Learning Question is ‘What if we turned education inside-out?’

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Mona Ziaudeen Abdul-Cader

Mona is an unschooling mum of 2 and an author who loves reading and all things to do with critical and creative thinking. She is really looking forward to learning, unlearning and relearning in this space.

Mona’s Learning Question is ‘How can I create and develop a critical and creative thinking workshop for Muslim parents and youth?

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Lucy Williams

Lucy is a project lead and learning designer at LearnJam, a digital learning agency that combines research-based learning science and design thinking to put learners and their context at the centre of every decision. She has 15 years’ experience working with learning providers to conceptualise, develop and improve digital learning products and experiences.

Lucy is interested in how a deeper understanding of systems thinking and systemic barriers in education can aid more ethical decision making in the design and creation of digital learning products.

Lucy’s Learning Question is ‘How can we as learning designers undesign broken systems of education?’

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Imani Clough (Host)

Imani is a character educator, coach and facilitator working in the youth and education sector. Imani has been championing radical youth work and educational practice since she was a teenager; working with young people with perceived barriers to learning. She encourages young people to pursue their imagination and supports them to go confidently in the direction of their dreams. Imani recognises that the opportunity to connect with the process of broadening and liberating minds, seems to be an appendix to the education system or accessible only to a select few.

She encourages those she journeys with to think critically about pedagogical processes and the root causes of social problems and structures that cause systems to behave the way they do. Imani supports people to think about how all of the above affects them and the people they interact with, in the different spaces they occupy — providing them with guidance on the steps they can make to challenge the status quo.

For that reason she decided to cast the net wide for this Learning Marathon; to connect with a variety of educational initiatives around the Globe. She is enjoying the process of being able to bring people across disciplines together and facilitate a powerful learning experience with peers, to help us revolutionise the way we engage with learning and pursue our curiosities.

Imani’s Learning Question is ‘How can we learn and feel like we belong at the same time?’

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