Meet the Enrollers!

I’m excited and grateful to announce the third peer group to set out on the Learning Marathon.

This is going to be the last Marathon that I facilitate, at least for now, and I’m looking forward to getting to know another bunch of extraordinary people and discovering the infinite cross-overs and interconnections between them, their Learning Questions and the projects which emerge from the process.

Their twelve Learning Questions cover themes of storytelling, music ensemble playing, coaching, mental health, digital products, Greek mythology, venture design, social imagination, young people, permaculture, facing your demons… A totally unique concoction.

Read on for the full questions — and an intro to the people asking them.

Irit Pollak

Irit is a social designer and podcast producer. Described as a pollinator, Irit works at the intersection of tech, local communities and government to design different futures and provide entry points for all kinds of people to shape them. Irit is the co-founder and producer of Private Parts, the podcast that’s not afraid to go there. She is currently working with WIGS, a research and media organisation, on a town-wide social imagination project in the Midlands and with Refugee Youth on a participatory action film directed by young people. Previously Irit was the Design Research Lead at Doteveryone and has worked for Deloitte Australia as a Design Strategist specialising in social impact.

Her Learning Question is ‘How can youth-led participatory storytelling grow the field of social design through inviting a new generation to shape social imagination?’

Katie Slee

Originally from the north east, Katie studied Art History at Oxford before moving to London via Paris. In 2014, she co-founded Settle, an award-winning social enterprise that trains and supports vulnerable young people to move out of temporary housing and into their first home. Katie is now working part-time, trying to find the right balance between freelance & personal projects.

Her Learning Question is ‘Can facing your demons get you unstuck? How might this process be designed?’

Manisha Pandey

Recently Manisha has been lending her anthropological background to design challenges that focus on health. In her personal life, she deeply values the knowledge and practices of traditional societies when it comes to mental health and staying well. She loves overlapping things so she’s setting off on this Learning Marathon with the intention of blending professional and personal interests and seeing where it leads her.

Her Learning Question is ‘How can I champion holistic approaches to psychosis, given my experience of it as self healing?’

Lawrence Pardoe

Lawrence is a multi-disciplinary artist. He is part of the art collective ‘Into The Wild’, a group of emerging artists that support each other through peer-to-peer learning. Lawrence wants to bring art and life closer together by using the power of collaboration and the sustainable design principles of Permaculture.

His Learning Question is ‘How can the utopic thinking of permaculture and art make a positive change to our everyday lives?’

Ilona Brannen

Ilona is a passionate advocate of learning and technology and how they interact with each other. From teaching in Japan, Italy and South London she has also explored and adventured to South Africa, South America and most recently Cuba where she undertook field research into the impact of internet access on a previously isolated country. When not hunting down the latest learning technology from around the world she is often found in London, where she loves to practice yoga, napping and dancing to 90’s music. A trained coach and great listener she loves meeting new people and finding out how to help them unlock their full potential.

Her Learning Question is ‘How can you create a culture of coaching and learning that utilises technology and fosters human connection?’

Anton Wade

Anton is originally from Newcastle but has been living and working as a designer in London for the past 7 years, now as a Senior Designer for Designit. He’s really motivated by creativity, new experiences and meeting new people. He puts together the Design Calendar, featuring London’s best design events.

His Learning Question is ‘How can I only do the work I love with people I really want to work with?’

Felicity Moore

Felicity recently started working in product management for a digital education company and has a background in business analysis, talent management and online learning across a range of sectors. Felicity originally studied Musicology, which is the analysis and research-based study of music. She really enjoys playing music with other people and is using her learning marathon to explore how to create more opportunities for ensemble playing and help people get the most out of it.

Her Learning Question is ‘How can I explore ways to facilitate greater accessibility, participation, enjoyment and learning in music ensemble playing, and promote the social benefits it provides?’

Nasos Papadopoulus

Nasos is an entrepreneur and creator focused on equipping people with the skills they need to thrive in a world of constant change. He is the founder of MetaLearn, a content platform that helps people future-proof themselves through articles, podcasts and videos on 21st century skills. He also currently works as Head of Content at company builder Entrepreneur First, and as an Associate Lecturer at Goldsmiths University.

His Learning Question is ‘What’s the best way to retell Greek Mythology in the 21st century?’

Mathew Trivett

Mathew is a senior researcher and strategist at Snook. With a masters in Computer Science, he specialises in design for new technologies and helping people do things better with data. Before Snook he set up and led Near Now, a studio for arts, design and innovation in Nottingham. He was lead producer on an award winning musical invention kit, a classroom game to teach design, a creative documentary about asteroids with NASA, a service prototype for co-operative childcare and a platform to help people find collaborators.

His Learning Question is ‘How can venture design help people to collaborate when ideas become serious?’

Max Fyfe

Max is a freelance facilitator an youth worker with a big presence. He uses inquiry, participatory approaches, collaborative tools and methods and the creative arts to deepen meaning and inspire purpose — facilitating spaces for exploration, reflection and expression. You can check out his website at

His Learning Question is ‘How can I use my skills and experience (with Catalyst Projects as a vehicle) to provide value through transformative experiences to young people?’

Tom Scanlon

Tom is a web developer based in London. He recently completed his web development qualification at Maker’s Academy and now works as a developer for Kingfisher Digital. He’s great at are self-deprecation and procrastination. He’ll get around to writing more here someday.

His Learning Question is ‘How might I (use my skills to) create something that has real value to somebody?’

Zahra Davidson

Zahra Davidson is Co-founder and Director of Enrol Yourself and this is her third Learning Marathon as both facilitator and participant. Zahra is a ‘learner experience designer’ with a background spanning service design, system innovation, social enterprise and visual communication. She is interested in participatory group experiences and the role of learning in reaching for sustainability. She is a trained coach and co-organiser of the#LXDmeetup. She ended her last Learning Marathon with the question ‘Can we learn to change ourselves before we seek to change the world?’

Her learning question is ‘How can I design my business so it stops designing me?!’

Applications are OPEN to join the Learning Marathon in London, Birmingham and Glasgow. You can sign up to find out more via the Enrol Yourself website.

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