Step 0.3 on the road to inclusion

A crowdfunding campaign, 20 new bursary places, and a coalition of partners.

Zahra Davidson
Nov 13, 2020 · 8 min read

As we launch a bumper crop of Learning Marathons for 2021, we are growing our inclusion strategy to match. We’ve trained 21 new Enrol Yourself Hosts who have each developed a unique proposition for a learning journey, and they’re now recruiting.

I wrote Step 0.2 earlier this year, describing some commitments we were making to inclusion, and the process we had taken to surface what they should be. The process turned out to be really fruitful, seeding a number of ideas which have grown into… today’s announcement!

This year we’re crowdfunding for 20, fully-funded bursary places. This is in addition to our standard bursaries which we self-fund.

On Tuesday 17th November, we’re launching The Abundancy Fund, a crowdfunding campaign to raise £15,000 so that 20 people impacted by COVID-19 can take part in the Learning Marathon in 2021.

As well as crowdfunding, we’re partnering with a ‘coalition’ of organisations whose communities are facing challenges as a result of Covid-19. This will make sure our bursaries reach people who need them.

Our 2021 Bursary Partners

2020 has been a phenomenally hard year, and 2021 will no doubt bring more challenges for many more people. It’s so important to open up access to supportive learning communities at this time of collective transition.

Inclusion is something that can only be done in collaboration with others. So, together, we will offer the following bursaries:

I hope this paves the way for an annual coalition who we continue to work with in the years to come. Read more about our bursary partners below:

AC Diversity is an education charity focussed on the academic attainment, career prospects, and social mobility of young black people in London. AC Diversity provides a range of support for state-school educated students, from the age of 14, through to adulthood and their early careers.

The AC Diversity Bursary will fund 1 place for young black Londoners (aged 18–25), and 1 place for black men on our 2021 Learning Marathons.

Amaliah is a media platform dedicated to amplifying the voices of Muslim women. Through their articles, podcasts, videos and partnerships, their work seeks to surface the many different voices and experiences within their community.

The Amaliah Bursary will fund 2 places on our 2021 Learning Marathons for women of colour.

CoachBright is an award-winning national social mobility organisation supporting the next generation to become independent and resilient so they can lead the lives they want. CoachBright works across schools, universities and organisations, giving pupils, university students and young professionals the tools and behaviours to succeed.

The CoachBright Bursary will fund places on our 2021 Learning Marathons for 2 of their student volunteers.

Hustle Crew is on a mission to make tech more inclusive by consulting and designing training solutions for corporate partners. Their careers community is 5000+ strong, a place for underrepresented professionals to build the skills and support to succeed in tech.

The Hustle Crew Bursary will fund a place on the Unravelling Time Learning Marathon for a black woman or non-binary person.

Institute for the Future of Work is a research organisation which also develops practical ways to improve the value, shape and experience of work. IFOW are currently working with the residents of Grimsby to imagine what a better future of work would look like, if that future were in their hands.

The Institute for the Future of Work Bursary will fund 2 places on our 2021 Learning Marathons for the people of Grimsby.

Leeds Beckett University is a modern, professional Leeds-based university with a dedicated, diverse community. Leeds Beckett works closely with employers and partners to help their graduates become ready for work, ready for life and ready to seize all the opportunities that lie ahead. This is strengthened by their commitment to student success, innovation and enterprise, global reach and strong local impact.

The Leeds Beckett University Personal Development Bursary will fund places on our 2021 Learning Marathon for 2 of their recent graduates who are facing challenges in this current climate.

The Jo Cox Foundation brings together people and organisations to build the fairer, kinder and more tolerant world that the late Jo Cox MP believed in. They run the More in Common Network - a collection of local groups across the UK working to build stronger, more connected communities - and the Great Get Together - a twice yearly celebration that brings communities together to bridge divides, and tackle loneliness.

The Jo Cox Foundation is offering 2 places on the Learning Marathon in 2021 for community activists engaged in the More in Common Network or the Great Get Together.

Street Space works with people to reimagine their streets and spaces, to make them feel safer, bring joy and social connection. Since 2018, they’ve been embedded in Barking and Dagenham, co-creating projects with the local community.

The StreetSpace Bursary will fund 2 places on our 2021 Learning Marathons for people living in Barking and Dagenham.

The Ubele Initiative is an African Diaspora led intergenerational social enterprise founded in 2014, with the purpose of helping to build more sustainable communities across the UK. Ubele designs and delivers local, regional, national projects and international programmes as well as being involved in London regional policy initiatives and campaigns.

The Ubele Initiative Bursary will fund two places on the 2021 Learning Marathons for people of colour.

You Make It offers a creative and inspiring programme for Black and Asian young women to access tools, networks, experiences and the confidence to transform their lives through personal empowerment, creative and holistic workshops, 1–1 mentoring and therapy.

You Make It also delivers human-centred anti-racism training for companies as well as individuals that allows people to come together, learn and solidify their values to stand up against racism in a practical way.

The You Make It Bursary will fund one place on the 2021 Learning Marathons for You Make It programme alumni.

Applying for a Bursary Place

  • Bursaries are available through this partnership for any of the 2021 Learning Marathons.

If you are eligible for one of these bursaries, we would love to receive a Learning Marathon application from you. Check out our Learning Marathon listings and, when you apply, don’t forget to tick the box for your relevant bursary on your application form.

We’re running an open event on the 8th of December. Come along if you’re interested in learning more about the Learning Marathon or think you’d like to make an application.

If you’re not eligible, but you know someone who is, please spread the word or send someone a link directly.

Please get in touch with any questions:

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We're an award winning social enterprise redesigning lifelong learning by harnessing the power of peers groups. This is where we share our insights and reflections.