85 Words On Depression

A poem

I woke up this morning and realized
I am nothing.
I tried to ignore that truth,
But I was tortured until I was reminded.
Only if someone knew how that felt,
How it feels to have every insecurity you have
to attack you all at once,
Like a group conspired against you and they huddled together
to discuss how to break you down
Then they whispered their plan in your ear
in slow concise words
that slice a piece of…



From freelance writing, mental health, poetry, coffee, motherhood, and passive income, these topics combine to convey the real life workings of a real life writer. I’ve had minimal amounts of success with writing. Learn from my failures and celebrate from my accomplishments.

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Mary Jones

Mary is a Creative Writer, Blogger, and Poet. Expect to read her poetry and about freelance writing, mental health, depression, creativity, and passive income.