Collective Impact Through Art

Value Added, Episode 8 featuring Creative Action Network’s CEO & co-founder, Max Slavkin

“It’s much easier to fit the number of Facebook likes onto a spreadsheet, or number of unique visits or those sorts of metrics in a way that you can’t really measure the impact of art in the same way… But I think its proven throughout history to be a power, if not the most powerful tool for affecting change”

A few months ago on the podcast, Deborah Cullinan explained that art can, and does, spur change. But it often does so spontaneously on the wings of individual artists like Andy Warhol and Frida Kahlo. Shepard Fairey and his Obama Hope poster was no exception.

Max Slavkin and childhood friend Aaron Perry-Zucker witnessed the swell of interest around Hope by artist activists around the world, and helped harness that collective power into a outlet that allows artists to contribute social good in ways that are both tangible and collectively revolutionary.

Max, cofounder and CEO of Creative Action Network, joins us on this episode of Value Added to talk about how brands can tap this network to amplify their message, the importance of art in protest, and visualizing empathy.

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Special thanks to our producer Emily-Rose Wagner and the enso team.

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