If you could build a better world, what kind of world would you build?

In all our work at enso, we apply mission-driven creativity to empower peer advocacy, helping initiatives scale faster and have far greater impact.

We applied this thinking a few years ago to support the Google.org Impact Challenge in the Bay Area. The Google.org Impact Challenge is an opportunity for nonprofits to share their vision for using technology to change the world — and to apply for grant funding from Google. In 2014, by empowering the ten non-profit finalists to act as micro-leaders and arming them with tools to propel the challenge into culture through their own peer-to-peer networks, and by inspiring individuals to have their say in a Better Bay Area, thousands of votes poured in over a ten day voting period, triggering the distribution of $5M+ in grants.

Since then, the Google.org Impact Challenge has rolled out successfully around the world. Over the past month, we’ve had the privilege to work with the Google Canada team to launch the Google.org Impact Challenge Canada. Having received hundreds of ideas from Canadian nonprofits, they’ve narrowed down to ten projects that have the potential to make Canada, and the world, better, faster. Now they’re turning it over to the public (and a panel of qualified judges) to vote for the projects we think should receive funding.

When provided with the opportunity to support the Challenge, we paused for a moment to think, how can we drive public engagement right now, in this moment. If each of us could vote to build a better world right now, what would we vote for? Why would I care, and why would I share?

You see, enso creates from a place of fundamental optimism about the power of people. We decided to tap into that power, developing creative that would resonate with individual values — while also devising a film that could be broken down into individual ideas (videos and gifs) that people would be more likely to share, highlighting —

  • ideas that they care about — and that align with their personal values
  • ideas that proudly showcase Canada’s values
  • the impact they want to see in Canada or the world
  • the kind of Canada or world they want to live in

Campaign creative focused on the impact of the finalist programs, touched on values people care about, and depicted a world we can build together: a world where pneumonia screening can save children’s lives, where we can print out opportunity, learn from Inuit to adapt to climate change, relieve our arctic food deserts, turn waste into food, improve disaster relief and deliver aid quickly, make education accessible for all, hear and be heard — and welcome immigrants with open arms.

Voting runs through March 28th. People have the power to vote four times, and their vote will determine one of the five final winners to receive up to $750,000 in grant funding and technical assistance from Google.org and the LEAP Centre for Social Impact.

Vote for what you care about at g.co/canadachallenge.

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