Value Added, Episode 2: The Importance of Storytelling & Collaboration with Elliot Kotek

Once you have the passion that defines your purpose, once you declare your purpose, you find your people. When you have your people, anything’s possible. — Elliot Kotek

Writer, filmmaker, photographer and extraordinary people connector, Elliot Kotek, insists to make big ideas happen, you just have to get the right people in the room. In the case of Project Daniel, Elliott describes how he and his Not Impossible co-founder, Mick Ebeling, connected a doctor, a 3D printing engineer, a prosthetics expert, an entrepreneur, and a filmmaker to enable a young Sudanese boy, who lost both of his arms in a bombing, to feed himself for the first time in two years.

This week on Value Added, a podcast developed to dig into the minds of people who add value to the world, my colleague, Carla Fernandez, and I got the opportunity to talk with Elliot Kotek. Elliot has produced the films 140 and Queen Mimi, founder and editor-in-chief of Beyond Cinema magazine, published poet and exhibited photographer, and co-founder and former content chief Not Impossible Now.

Elliot details his journey from being a lawyer in Australia to becoming an award-winning filmmaker and writer. To hear more, listen to the episode on iTunes or SoundCloud and remember to subscribe. You can find Elliot on Twitter.

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Special thanks, as always, to our producer Emily-Rose Wagner and the rest of the enso team.

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