An adventure into the Enspiralverse with a group of 18–28 year olds in Sweden

Phoebe Tickell
Dec 4, 2018 · 9 min read
Participants and teachers of the Youth Initiative Programme sitting in circle listening to one participant (Hyosun) present her practical project.
Silvia and I catching a moment of Swedish sun over a kanelbullar (cinnamon bun)!

The theme of the week

The theme of the week was “Enspiral” although in the end perhaps only a fifth of the content was literal Enspiral content. The rest centred on how to build a livelihood as a conscious, social entrepreneur or freelancer in purpose-driven projects.

What is Enspiral? — busting myth and jargon

My creative expression of the “What is Enspiral?” question…

Teaching as practitioner — practising together

Participants in a break-out group

Focussing on projects, impactful work and livelihood

Enspiral is a network of people who work on ‘stuff that matters’ and launch projects together. This collaborative entrepreneurship is imbued with the culture of Enspiral — and many, if not all, the Enspiral Ventures (companies and projects within the Enspiral Network) are purpose-driven and socially conscious.

Filling out the social impact lean canvas

Key takeaways and highlights

Each day we focussed on a different theme, and each day was different.

Some unfinished thoughts to share too:

Invitation to build your own thing

It also helps me imagine, in this space of open collaborative networks and networks of support and livelihood and collaboration, what is Enspiral able to offer? What is Enspiral not, and where can people find what they need? If what they need doesn’t exist, how can we and existing networks and organisations and collectives support the creation of new models and entities?

Designing learning experiences that lead to change

Within Bloom’s taxonomy of learning, Bloom hypothesises that the pyramid of learning begins with Remembering — Understanding — Applying — Analysing — Evaluating — Creating. This is a steep learning curve to go through in 5 days. My dream is to create an immersive, experiential programme (having prototyped three now) that allows this fast learning curve to happen in this context.

Some questions that arose for me during the 5 days, that I take back with me to the Enspiral Network…

How can we create more specific ways of engaging newcomers?

  • What are your needs / what would most serve you?
  • What is your reason for being here?

Thank you!

As always, you learn as much as your students learn when you teach. Thank you to the amazing Youth Initiative Programme Class #10 for participating so fully in the classes and journey we put together, and also for providing such great feedback and questions to take away. I look forward to next year!

Enspiral Tales

Stories from a bold experiment - creating a collaborative network that helps people do meaningful work.

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Enspiral Tales

Stories from a bold experiment - creating a collaborative network that helps people do meaningful work.