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Enspiral Tales

Extending Full Circle Leadership

Patterns, loops, and what we can learn from playing with the model.

Dyadic Opposites

Sense ↔ Evaluate

Inquire ↔ Operationalise

Envision ↔ Maintain

Prototype ↔ Optimise


Common Patterns

Circles within circles

Constructive & destructive loops

  • The assessment reached in Evaluate reveals important issues, so you loop back to Inquire and proceed to Envision a new approach based on what you’ve learned.
  • You Sensed something, but during the Inquire step you found out additional context and realised you were on the wrong track. So you’ve looped back to Sense, because you listened.
  • Your Prototype was Evaluated and given the green light. But when you actually started Operationalising, you encountered a whole bunch of unexpected complexity. You’re still holding true to the original Vision, but you’ve looped back to Prototype to try a different approach. Great! That’s how you avoid the costly mistake of implementing the wrong solution.
  • Getting all the way around the circle, but looping from Optimise back to Maintain instead of proceeding to Sense. Making slight tweaks to what’s familiar instead of opening up to the next stage of evolution. Creates a tight closed loop instead of an expansive upward spiral.
  • Sense, Inquire, Envision, Prototype… fizzle. What happens when an “ideas person” doesn’t develop the operational side of the circle or team up with people who have.
  • Sense, Inquire, Sense, Inquire: the receptive listener who lacks either the confidence or mandate to turn what they’ve learned into a vision or action. All input, no output.
  • The navel-gazing triangle of Envision, Operationalise, Optimise: starting with your own vision then jumping straight to implementation and optimisation, and then moving on to your next big idea—without ever making space for external feedback or other voices.
  • Envision, Envision, Envision — a dreamer who’s not able to execute and lacks outside feedback or enough empathy for others.
  • Maintain, Maintain, Maintain—institutional inertia, fear of the unknown, lack of adaptation to change.



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