How entrepreneur works?

I had a lot of Myth about entrepreneurs but after going through the some idea how entrepreneurial life is. Its now a one Man one day show but a lot of time , Money , Hard work & dedication is invested. There are lots of Myth about entrepreneur that it was luck which made the startup successful but its about being prepared and acting upon at the right time. It has been Myth that entrepreneurs are very unprofessional and unmanaged people but its not true because its the entrepreneur who is does most of the things of his own. He is well managed and well organised but yes there is flexibility of time which in turn make look like unmanaged. Successful entrepreneur are not those who only think out of the box but there are a large number of successful entrepreneur who had tried to solve their own problem and made a product out of that. a lot of people said that entrepreneurs are risk takers but what i feel is the are risk takers but its a calculated risk.

My outcome of this whole journey of Entrepreneurship has been quiet good. I felt the way it was carried away with lot of practical aspects involved and specially people form industry who have started something of their own or are currently involved with a startup had really helped me to understand the actual aspect of how entrepreneurial journey is. I remember Ruby from of the session where she told about her own experiences. Changing time from getting a Hefty salary every month end to just getting money to fulfil basic need for survival. Taking decision of becoming an entrepreneur completely changes the life style and standard of living.

If in future i plan to become an entrepreneur i would at-least i know to be prepared for the things which i have to deal and situations i have to go through until the business becomes successful or at-least reaches the break even. Life of an entrepreneur is not an easy life of being your own boss but a lot of hard work and time is involved and last but not the least passion is the most important element which make a person an Entrepreneur.

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