Redefining future work trends-Entrepreneurial and Startup Culture

When Monday mornings become a motivation to walk into your offices and you definitely feel like not reaching your home early from work. Then, definitely you have found a career.

And that’s how the entrepreneurial and startup culture is redefining work trends by making them even more indulging, creative, co-working spaces to learn and grow. The trend is ongoing and has undoubtedly infused a sense of ‘ Do what you love’ rather than ‘Loving what you do’.

As pointed out rightly by one of our guest speakers(interactive sessions)Ms. Meera Radha their is a fine line between a job and a career and which you actually choose defines your levels of satisfaction from your work.

On the similar lines the startups of today are creating an indulging, creative, flexible platforms for their workforce to reel i what they do so that once they reach back home at the end of the day must feel like- “Yes, it feels like I actually did something today’’.

A sea change in work dynamics is being observed and work culture is drifting more towards cohesive, collaborative, connected structures built upon a skeletal framework of technology.

Few notable observations of multiple patterns observed across growing startups are-

1)Work based on results

Startups are aiming to foster a culture where employees feel empowered to work harder through flexible working hours. Also, many startups are rewarding results based work by paying structured salaries based on the results. The employees work smarter and concentrate on getting work done so they have more time to spend on leisure, more time to work on bonus objectives or other stock options.

2)Flexibility and Productivity

These days most people seek flexible working hours, to work without distraction, to save the stress of a long commute, and startups, with the use of cloud based computing and communication platforms means this is more than just a possibility. They reward on the basis of shorter work hours viz a viz higher productivity.

3)Bring your own device (BYOD) to work

Not only are employees of startups encouraged to work flexibly, they are also able to work from the device that suits them the most i.e their own! Most individuals have a preference as to what equipment they use and where, there are different preferences of people.Remote login options means employees can access data and information safely and securely from whatever device they are working with.

4)Cloud Based Collaborative Working & Social Platforms

Rise of startups has also seen an increase in adoption of collaborative social media environments for the workplace, such as Slack and Skype. Short, instant messages, cloud based programs such as Office365, Dropbox also mean documents can be worked on collaboratively and edited by different team members in real time.

5)Independent Employees

Work has become more of a tradable commodity, with people being able to move around and offer the services to different companies as per their convenience. The inbound culture of startups seems to adapt the persona of the entrepreneurial founders-`Not afraid to take risks and encouraging the team around to do the same’.

Moreover the collaborative workspaces as designed by startups such as Innov8 for startups such as Paytm; are also providing inbulit flexible working options inside the workpalce as per your leisure, convenience. Exciting, creative ‘think-boxes’, plush seats and a buzzing atmosphere invites you to the workplace.

Such is the advent of the upcoming trends in workspace dynamics and hence effectively progressing organizations can be seen growing from the roots of entrepreneurial culture.