The Pitch

The Pitch is what gets your business up and running. Get it wrong and your staring at your idea stuck in its initial phase with zero traction. Ideally, the most important thing to look out for is that investors are always listening to various entrepreneurs pitching to them their idea and hoping one of them would fund their idea but an investor listens to around a 1000 pitches. This is vital to understand that what u pitch should stay in the investors mind when he tries to recollect the ideas pitched by multiple entrepreneurs.

One thing where a few founders run into a maze is that they try to go into too much detail while pitching their product/idea and focus less on their overall business plan. It is important to keep things short and precise. The next thing that most founders do not focus on is that they do not look at the investors mind set. It is important to put yourself in an investors shoe and think for a minute what exactly I would invest in. if a founder can figure that out the rest is game, things will begin to fall into place when you understand what your investor is looking for from your pitch.

Keep the details and features of your product short. As great as you think it is ultimately for an investor it boils down to money and its important if the investor understands what your product/service does and who your potential customers would be and what exactly your product has that isn’t being offered by any other company.

The investor would be highly interested to see your revenue model as it’s the part of your business they’re getting themselves into and it is vital to have a revenue model that makes rational sense to the investor to come to the conclusion that your idea is worth investing in. And to be honest its worth practicing your pitch a couple of times before you actually do it in front of an investor.

Another way to impress an investor would be to identify parts in your pitch that might create an opportunity to deliver crisp replies to any questions an investor might ask regarding the company’s product/service.

And the most important thing of all “Deliver what an investor wants and you’ll get what you need”.