Trend spotting

Trendspotting is nothing but finding new trends in a particular segment or a field in which one is interested.

I want to explore the concept of trendspotting in automobile sector, to be specific business related to modification of cars which i am personally interested and also has a good scope in present market.

The basic concept running in my mind is to either modify according to the customer budget and preferences or providing them the already modified cars in exchange of their existing cars. As there are very less well known organizations in this business, innovative and attractive designs can gain the attention of a large number of customers, making this a business with good scope of success.

The trends which I want to explore are:

Ø Basic interior designing which includes seat covers, door panels and dashboard.

Ø Power packed sound systems

Ø TV on the Road: An antenna or a satellite receiver which enables to watch TV in the car

Ø Engine Power Upgrades: Engine modifications are always a trend regardless of vehicle eras and apply to cars, sport utility vehicles. Turbochargers can be provided, as the forced-air induction method provides steady performance from a small displacement engine. High-flow exhaust systems and Electronic Control Unit tuning are also popular for newer vehicles which improve the speed and engine performance.

Ø Concave Wheels: Concave wheels have rapidly grown into a high-end trend in just less than a decade. The market for concave wheels has exploded with lot of options.

Ø Body conversion:

1. The body of the car can be modified with help of stickering which provides a sporty look to the vehicle.

2. Total conversion of vehicle colour can be done.

3. A 3D mirror polishing will provide a classy look and provides a shiny body.

4. A duel silencer along with a spoiler gives a good look from backend.

Ø LED lights: LED lights can be fixed to the wheels which gives a catchy appearance during night time. These can be even fixed inside the car and turns on when the door is opened.

Ø Grilles: Inserting Grilles to jeeps or heavy cars in the front gives a tough look for the vehicles and will suit the young people for the present trend3

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