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May 22 · 2 min read

At Entale we believe that podcasts should give you more when you need it. Whether that’s a picture of a crime scene, a link to buy a book or an inspirational quote that you want to save. We also believe that by having additional content attached to a podcast, a listener is drawn further into the story and can better engage with and remember what has been said.

To test our theory we ran an internal study. This is how we did it, and what we found:


We asked two groups of people to listen to a specific podcast episode. One group used an audio only podcast app; the other group used the Entale app where they had an enhanced experience with relevant pictures, links, maps and quotes accompanying the story. Everyone listened to the same episode which included some advertising. After listening we asked the participants questions about the story and their experience. We also followed up 7 days later to ask the same questions.

The results:

Editorial recall, or the percentage of story-specific information that the participant was able to remember, was 16% higher for those using Entale on Day 1, and increased to 29% higher on Day 7.

Editorial Recall Results

Conclusion: Entale’s visual accompaniments and key information pullouts help people to retain more information about what they have heard and draws them further into the story

Brand recall, the percentage of users who recalled the brands mentioned in the podcast correctly, was 78% higher for those using Entale on Day 1, increasing to 153% on Day 7.

During the podcast there was also an advertisement for another podcast by the same network. In Entale we show the full podcast artwork alongside its name. 34% of Entale users were able to identify this podcast on Day 1, but 0% of Apple users did.

Brand Recall Results

Conclusion: The visual accompaniment makes an even bigger difference when it comes to brand presence and advertisement effectiveness in podcasting

If you’re interested in providing the most engaging and effective experience for listeners then get in touch at hello@entale.co


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