This Week On Entale — 11th September

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99% Invisible: Origin Of Straws

If you’ve ever wondered how exactly the straw came to be, you won’t want to miss this week’s 99% Invisible. In this chapter, you’ll learn about Marvin Stone’s achievements in commercialising the straw, how its mass production helped to reform American public health and provide an alternative to overtly masculine inner-city saloons.

Listen Here: Origin Of Straws (6 mins)

No Such Thing As A Fish: Ice Economics

This week’s No Such Thing As A Fish takes a look at the ancient economic secrets hidden within the Greenland ice sheet. In this chapter, the gang discuss geochemist Clair Patterson’s vital work on lead pollution and how thawing ice could be deadlier than you might think.

Listen Here: Ice Economics (12 mins)

Dissect: Facebook Story

Dissect, the serialised music podcast, continues its study of Frank Ocean’s album Blonde. This week’s episode examines four tracks; Solo (Reprise), Pretty Sweet, Facebook Story and Close To You. In this chapter, Cole Cuchna breaks down Facebook Story, an interlude that considers the impact of social media on our relationships.

Listen Here: Facebook Story (7 mins)

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