Announcing EnterDAO — building a gateway to the metaverse

Zhivko Todorov
Sep 9 · 3 min read

The metaverse, in all of its complexity, is shaping up to be the next big digital economy. The open, decentralized economy we have all imagined. Obviously, NFTs, metaverse games and assets have seen exponential growth in 2021. Yet, the space is still in its early days with critical market infrastructure still missing.

As a team of builders who believe in putting our effort where our mouth is, we would like to announce the creation of EnterDAO.

EnterDAO is a decentralized organization on the Ethereum blockchain founded with the mission to build products enabling new markets within the metaverse economy. Through a lineup of core products EnterDAO aims to empower users, metaverse land owners, investors, brands and degens of all kinds by tackling pain points like access to metaverse land, its capital efficiency, as well as UX and onboarding of metaverse games.

Our immediate roadmap includes a DAO governance module, yield farming campaign, NFT drop and most importantly, two core products. EnterDAO will be governed by the $ENTR token. More alpha on all of this is coming soon in the EnterDAO whitepaper and the official website.

To bootstrap the DAO and deliver on all of this, we are happy to announce that EnterDAO has raised $1.8M from an early community of backers including some of Web3’s finest builders, investors, curators and meme lords. For both community and decentralization purposes, we’ve decided to raise a seed round from a wider pool of early backers, compared to a more traditional funding round with fewer investors.

More info on EnterDAO’s core team and early backers:

Core Team

EnterDAO’s core team has been building decentralized apps and infrastructure since early 2017 through LimeChain, Proof Systems, and BarnBridge. Recently, through Universe, part of the EnterDAO team launched one of the most technologically advanced NFT drops of the year — Polymorphs, as well as Lobby Lobsters, which raised $4M towards better crypto regulations.

Zhivko Todorov, George Spasov, Tyler Ward, Nick Todorov, Vlad Ivanov, Chris Veselinov, Daniel Ivanov, Radina Talanova, Velislav Ivanov

Early Community
Fourth Revolution Capital
Aaron McDonald (Centrality)
BCW Group
Mark Yusko (Morgan Creek Capital Management)
Troy Murray (BarnBridge,
Tim Kang (Sevens Foundation,
6th Man Ventures
Wave Financial
John Patrick Mullin (MANTRA DAO,
Santiago Santos (chad)
Jordan Momtazi (Synthetix)
Matt Hunter (Non-Fungible Labs,
Ivo Georgiev (AdEx)
Rahilla Zafar (she-chad, 4RC advisor)
Stable Node (MakerDAO Growth Core Unit)
Kain Warwick (Synthetix)
Ivan Manchev (AdEx)
Kieran Warwick (Illuvium)
Adam D’Augelli (True Ventures)
Jon Callaghan (True Ventures)
Tyler Reynolds (chad)
Marc Smith (chad)
Ben Lakoff (Charged Particles)
Moe Shalizi (The Shalizi Group)
Ivailo Jordanov (ReFi)
Mark Ward (BarnBridge,
Noah Fleck (chad)
Georgi Georgiev (Skapto)
Ryan Shtirmer (
Algernon Homes (
Nick Ward (
Harrison Hines (Fleek)

Note: The individuals that are backing EnterDAO are doing so in their personal capacity. That does not necessarily represent partnerships or affiliation of EnterDAO with the projects and companies those individuals are involved with.

That’s all, we’ll now go back to doing what we do best — building. In the meantime, be a part of the EnterDAO community by joining us on:




EnterDAO is a decentralized organization built on Ethereum with the mission to build products enabling the metaverse economy.

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EnterDAO is a decentralized organization built on Ethereum with the mission to build products enabling the metaverse economy.