Business & AI Chatbots

For what kind of businesses the chatbot is relevant?
The chatbot revolution is not exclusive just to one industry, as it has been customized for many uses and tailored to various businesses. Every business can benefit from the chatbot service.
Check out some examples of companies already using chatbots:

Insurance chatbot:
It is able to handle inquires about the policies, sales quotes, accidents and more.

Financial Chatbot
Provides users with immediate updates and information, pay bills, gives access to information on your balances, recent transactions, credit card due dates and limit and credit card issues such as theft.

Hotel Chatbot
It allows users to research and book travel in more than 1000 hotels and plan upcoming trips with suggestions, all while chatting directly with the automated customer engagement bot. The integration on chatbots will improve hospitality and increase their customer satisfaction.

Therapy Chatbot
A chatbot which can be trained for cognitive-behavioral therapy. It can track your mood and will show users how their moods change while maintaining privacy. It talks about your mental health and wellness from brief daily conversations about what’s going on in the user’s life and how they are feeling that day.

Real Estate Chatbot
A chatbot that builds relationships with potential clients using personalized greetings. It also allows users to work on qualified leads to increase revenue and provide detailed customer support. Chats with potential clients are automatically analyzed by the chatbot to extract essential information and allow faster conversions from potential clients.

Restaurant Chatbot
Able to answer any questions that has to do with the restaurant at anytime of the day. The restaurants’ bot can take reservations, show off menus and promotions to customers, and collect feedback.

Cost savings and improved user satisfaction will continue to drive chatbots growth. Twenty-four hour service and reduced costs for companies are only a portion of how beneficial chatbots can be for any industry. Companies can increase customer satisfaction with the elimination of repetitive and time-consuming tasks for more face-to-face service.. Chatbots have proven to improve human interactions and are able to connect with hundreds of humans at any moment, which only helps them develop a better sense of how to fulfill the emotional needs of customers.