3 Reasons Why the Software Defined Network is considered to be the Future of Storage

As most businesses adapt to modernisation, their means to store data are also upgrading. Almost all of us have been totally dependent on server-based infrastructures and various database management systems like Microsoft SQL, Sharepoint and Exchange DVDs.

At present, more businesses are turning to software defined data storage because it can further secure business data. The installation of large networking hardware won’t be necessary and costs will be cheaper. Aside from these advantages, there are three other important reasons why software defined solutions are the future of storage:

1. The Storage Market is Now Monopolised by Software Defined Storage

Traditional data storage methods have always been perceived as closed and monolithic. Manually operated, they have limited redundancy and are constructed for applications only. They commonly experience downtime because of limited capacity.

These disadvantages are among the reasons why software defined storage has become mainstream. Providing better storage for businesses or even individuals through software defined storage, organisations can manage data in a more efficient and cost effective way.

2. Old Storage Needs Remodelling

The future generation requires storage that can handle thousands of files and petabytes of data, arranged rigidly in file systems and volumes.

Nowadays, enterprises are 40% virtualised and are continuously adopting infrastructure automation. That said the way we store data should also be part of the automation strategy.

3. Easier Management of Network Problems

With software defined storage, the end users can immediately abandon a website or application that is not responding. The software defined storage is designed to deal with every complexity that the old storage cannot handle. Once the data is stored via cloud, access to the files will be easier and faster.

In addition, business enterprises will no longer have to worry about costly infrastructure failures, expansions and upgrades.

It is true to say that there is no better solution for data storage than the software defined network. According to a survey conducted in 2013, 59% of IT managers are beginning to shift towards software defined storage. Today, we are expecting a larger number of end users and benefactors of this solution, especially considering how much it has improved since the year it was launched.

Originally published at kollectiveblog.wordpress.com on January 29, 2016.