WhyHow.AI’s talk at the Knowledge Graph Conference

Chia Jeng Yang
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1 min readJun 12, 2024

Tom Smoker, Co-Founder at WhyHow.AI, spoke in May 2024 at the Knowledge Graph Conference about the roles of Knowledge Graphs & RAG. As requested by a few folks, here is the link to slides for the talk.

Overview Agenda of the talk:

  • What is easy about graphs
  • What is hard about graphs
  • What changed with LLMs
  • Improving RAG with graphs
  • Downsides of graphs
  • Why small graphs overcome the historical difficulties of graph creation
  • Troubleshooting different obstacles around graph creation
  • Summary

A (paywalled) video recording of the session can be found at the KGC website here: https://events.knowledgegraph.tech/event/7ffec6d4-b17d-4fce-b55c-fcd77fa58146/regPage:17643a17-4589-48e4-b8bd-320e83e9c4a1

WhyHow.AI is building tools to help developers bring more determinism and control to their RAG pipelines using graph structures. If you’re thinking about, in the process of, or have already incorporated knowledge graphs in RAG for accuracy, memory and determinism, we’d love to chat at team@whyhow.ai, or follow our newsletter at WhyHow.AI. Join our discussions about rules, determinism and knowledge graphs in RAG on our Discord.