Episode 20: Alan Chiu of XSeed on the new enterprise zeitgeist

Alan Chiu, Partner at XSeed Capital
“It’s about delivering value in a manner not possible before”

In episode 20, Mike and I were delighted to host Alan Chiu. Alan has a pretty unique perspective blending different vectors in the Enterprise: he’s partner at XSeed Capital, c0-founder and head of Product at Listo Financial, and co-President at Stanford Angels & Entrepreneurs.

Alan shares insights on patterns changing the Enterprise, drivers shaping enterprise UX and how entrepreneurs can get the right “framing” to rally customers around a new product. We also did a deep dive into:

  • Do investors care about UX? What does it take for investors to care?
  • The cycle that startups need to break to disrupt enterprise incumbents
  • The platform versus products strategy in #fintech and API innovation
  • Killing passwords, AWS and UX, buyer maturity, and non-US markets
  • Big ideas in bots and areas Alan thinks bots would be great for

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