Episode 22: Marc Wilkinson of HPE on making large scale transformation work

“The transactional value chain of buyer and seller needs to evolve to affinity groups and extended value”

If you’re launching new enterprise tech, early adopters and friends at startups may sign up right away but how do you get large company decision makers to adopt new tech and drive transformation at scale?

In episode 22, Mike and I hosted Marc Wilkinson of HP Enterprise to explore this and tap into his experience driving transformation with the C-suite. Marc heads the HPE Mobility and Workplace practice as Chief Technologist and is a former enterprise tech entrepreneur. (for a deep dive into Marc and teams’ views of the future, check out the Transform my Enterprise blog)

We discussed a constellation of topics around transformation including

  • Automation and the separation of core versus context activities
  • Overcoming innovation antibodies via frameworks & process curation
  • Value shifts to post-sale enablement, consulting, Customer Success
  • Affinity groups and shaping product roadmaps directly with end users
  • Service APIs, agnostic network/OS, and solution as a service models
  • Crystal gazing on autonomous cars, wearables, and future of expertise

For extended insights on this topic, follow Marc on Twitter.

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