Episode 8: Making enterprise learning suck less with Carol Leaman // Axonify

“People want what they want at a moment’s notice in bite sizes”

In podcast 8, Mike and I speak with Carol Leaman, a serial entrepreneur whose latest startup is “axonifying ” companies. Axons don’t just get information to neurons and muscles, they have action potential and they literally transform us every second. So what does Axonify transform?

Axonify transforms behaviors, making employees learn better and gain more confidence about their knowledge. (E.g. Axonified sales folks are 70% more confident in what they sell). Starting with employee learning for Walmart and Toyota, Axonify has created a powerful framework for knowledge. We believe its goal driven, gamified UI has great potential for 21st century organizations with a growth mindset who believe learning should be effective AND fun.

Our podcast also visits Waterloo’s tech community, Women and Executive leadership and why LMSs suck. If you like Carol’s podcast, we think you’ll enjoy our chat with Didier Elzinga and CultureAmp about people analytics.