Episode 9: Making employee engagement suck less with Glenn Elliot // Reward Gateway

“we work really hard to make employee experiences awesome”

Continuing on our streak of enterprise disruptors with international roots, Mike and Amit were delighted to speak with Glenn Elliott, Founder of UK based Reward Gateway, a user centered platform that “helps companies be nicer to staff” and brings rewards, recognition, and benefits under one roof. RG’s customers include Heineken, McDonalds, Samsung, Amex and Yahoo.

HR’s role has changed since the days of “Industrial Relations” and “Personnel Departments”. As the Customer Advocacy/Love philosophy mirrors itself in how companies advocate for their own employees, HR is moving fast towards open communication and well-being platforms. How do companies like Rewards Gateway scale for both HR leaders and millennial employees who have 15 second attention spans with new apps? Listen to find out more!

If you like Glenn’s podcast, check out his website and a cool new book coming this Fall — The Engagement Bridge Model. We just booked a copy : )

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