Week 18: Enterprise apps to watch

Amit Pande
Aug 3, 2016 · 1 min read

Prijector, Verecho, Infer

Prijector (prijector.com/)

What is it? All-in-one meeting device plus apps to connect and present more smoothly in conference room environments. Get up and running faster.

Who uses it? Cisco, Amazon, Arizona State University, Churches (!)
Why is it better? Prijector works agnostic of the OS on your notebooks or mobile devices. It allows meetings rooms to have any video conferencing apps e.g. Skype, Lync, Hangouts, WebEx , BlueJeans, Polycom, or Cisco.

Verecho (verecho.com/)

What is it? Enterprise people discovery made easier. A mobile-first directory for Google Apps for Work.

Who uses it? Fusionops, KidAdaptive, Doctor.com
Why is it better? Mobile friendly, interactive org charts and easy search for employees with specific expertise and interests. Single place for important org blasts and a much faster way to communicate than traditional Intranets.

Infer (infer.com/)

What is it? Cloud based predictive scoring Sales and Marketing platform to identify your best prospects and focus your selling efforts based on intent.

Who uses it? Zendesk, NewRelic, AdRoll, Jobvite
Why is it better? Combines historical CRM data with lots of external signals from the web (e.g. # employees, job openings, digital presence, trademarks) to create richer Lead profiles. SFDC, Marketo, and Eloqua integrations.

Enterprise Should Suck Less

Amit Pande

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Marketing and Product Experiences for Enterprise Software via Aviso AI, Tact.ai, HP, Yahoo, Oracle. Alumnus of Stanford GSB and University of Minnesota.

Enterprise Should Suck Less

Why today’s enterprise still sucks and how good technology can make it suck less

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