Week 19: Enterprise apps to watch

Amit Pande
Aug 11, 2016 · 2 min read

Daqri, Matterport, Atheer

Daqri (daqri.com/)

What is it? Advanced sense-amplifying smart glasses for steel mills, next generation transport factories, and connected workplaces.

Who uses it? Hyperloop, Vinci Energies, KSP Steel
Why is it better? Human machine interface that blends 4D instructions with sophisticated thermal vision, remote assistance, and data visualization. They also have a nifty worker Brain Activity monitor called Melon.

Matterport (matterport.com/)

What is it? Full 3D immersive system with a Pro 3D Camera, cloud hosting, and immersive spaces. Allows Real Estate, Travel & Hospitality companies to differentiate through 3D that totally feels like navigating a real world space.

Who uses it? Redfin, WaPo, Hensel Phelps, Apartments.com
Why is it better? Strong service provider network and user community. Works in-browser, on mobile apps, and VR headsets. Their Urban Jungle Project and 3D gallery show the fidelity and potential of the platform.

Atheer Air (atheerair.com/)

What is it? Augmented Interactive reality smart glasses platform with 3D smart glasses, an Android OS, and cloud based enterprise authoring suite.

Who uses it? KPIT, Nvidia, Dassault, and companies in Healthcare/Insurance
Why is it better? Advanced glasses, plus tools to create task flows, rich media and collaboration workflows. Compatible with other smart glasses including Vuzix, Intel/Recon. Here’s a “home version” of how it works.

Enterprise Should Suck Less

Amit Pande

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Marketing and Product Experiences for Enterprise Software via Aviso AI, Tact.ai, HP, Yahoo, Oracle. Alumnus of Stanford GSB and University of Minnesota.

Enterprise Should Suck Less

Why today’s enterprise still sucks and how good technology can make it suck less

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