Week 6: Enterprise apps to watch

Modo Labs, Wooqer, Bizness Apps

Modo Labs (modolabs.com)

What is it? Create compelling mobile Campus (/hospital) Apps in hours. Apps easily connect to Intranets, LMS, and have notifications, iBeacons and such. Who uses it? Harvard, Princeton, Texas Medical Center, and some enterprises
Why is it better? Research mojo — this team built the MIT Mobile Framework. The Kurogo platform (means stagehand in Kabuki theater) enables non-technical users to easily build apps but using a framework blessed by IT.

Wooqer (getwooqer.com)

What is it? DIY platform to help employees create apps and execute digital workflows, audits, and collaborations for things such as store openings, town halls, or employee appraisals, without depending on IT or special developers. 
Who uses it? Tata Group, Adidas, Vodaphone
Why is it better? The platform follows an 80/20 rule and focuses on core workflow, collaboration and communication tasks. It allows processes to be edited to rapidly meet business needs. Bonus: Wooqer has a superheroes book

Bizness Apps (biznessapps.com)

What is it? DIY white-label app maker platform for small businesses. 
Who uses it? Over 100K customers including restaurants, realtors, golf course owners, reaching over 22 MM users. That’s 5% of apps in the iTunes store
Why is it better? Special location, payment, loyalty features. They also get your app through the iOS and Android stores. Risk-free trial for 30 days too.

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