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The Pandemic Has Created a Boom for Biometric Adoption Globally

A vast majority of organizations believe that spoofing of biometric represents a critical or high threat in this digital economy, recent research reveals.

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the shift to a digital business framework, creating a boom in the preferences for biometric adoption. Goode Intelligence has recently published its new study that captured the opinions and views of organizations, which have deployed or are planning on deploying biometrics.

Nearly 62% of surveyed respondents indicated that their company has amplified the prioritization of advanced technologies — to support remote on-boarding and authentication in this unprecedented time. Another 45% said that their biometrics usage has grown in response to the pandemic.

The professionals agreed that customer as well as user experience is “important” or “very important” to their organization. About 73% of companies believe that biometrics is highly beneficial given the current situation. When asked about the benefits of deploying biometrics, most users noted: “convenience/ usability” tied with “security” for the top position.

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Among the 55% of respondents who reported that their company is using biometrics today — around 69% use it for authentication, another 75% use it for identity verification (or identity proofing). Besides, nearly 31% indicated fraud detection as its focus.

However, there are several challenges related to biometric deployment in this digital era. Currently, 40% of the participants consider biometric adoption spoofing as a high or even very high threat. While asked about the level of threats they expect in two years, that figure increased to 54%.

Consequently, more than 90% of the respondents said that livens detection is highly important or important while combating biometric spoofing cyber-attacks. The study also focuses on the important insight into how companies are viewing biometrics in this never-like digital era.

In this context, Alan Goode, CEO and Chief Analyst at Goode Intelligence explains — “Even before COVID-19, organizations have been increasingly turning to biometrics to balance convenience and security for identity verification, authentication, and fraud detection. We expect increasing levels of adoption of biometric technology to combat fraud and support frictionless user experience across all digital channels.”

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Undoubtedly, these are the evidence from organizations’ rapid biometric adoption solutions to offer users with the convenience as well as security they demand. The industry experts also made it clear that liveness detection is a must-have technology for authentication and on-boarding purposes across businesses.

It is no secret that companies across different industry verticals are intensely focused on defending against spoofing attacks. This is being done without creating friction and not hampering the advantages of biometric devices to the user experience.

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