Enterprise UX — Shred #26

Take Away Their Cellphones

As an avid tech enthusiast from an early age and quite a heavy screen user, raising my kid brings questions about what behavior I want to role model to my son. My personal thoughts evolved from a non-restrictive approach to screens à la “it’s 21st century” to a very guided and rule-based approach. I am still on a journey of learning and reflection.

This article is a great summary highlighting the effect of the pandemic on kids’ screen usage. The raw data are soul-crushing — 8 hrs. each day for the average teenager. Linked study separates entertainment time from other usages, but when a soccer game is organized via Instagram messenger, it is almost impossible to channel the device usage.

Rewiring classrooms is a fascinating section that could be easily applied to the modern workplace. The “work from anywhere” remote-first enthusiasts often forget to mention how much of the information is exchanged via body language and how complex social structures are the fabrics of large teams. Anyone who tried to debate deeply personal family issues over messaging apps can confirm how a single character can change the whole perception. I could not think of a better workplace example than explaining the abstract risk of an abstract system to an abstract colleague you never met while both of you are multitasking.

Take Away Their Cellphones

Excellent book recommendation for Czech readers

Call to action

When the incentives schemes are not clear, organization is chaos, people don’t know what is important and what is not. And then you need to bomb them with a notification.

Microsoft Power Apps licensing

Microsoft Power Apps could be about to get a whole lot more expensive

Interesting news shedding light on the Microsoft licensing model. Navigating any enterprise licensing, ServiceNow and MS included, is not easy and often contains a maze of user, unit, and transaction-based licensing. It is difficult for new single-purpose business apps and citizen development workflows to predict app usage through its lifecycle, from early POC to scaling it up. Microsoft is introducing the option to pay as you go, which looks neat on the surface.

ServiceNow is a platform that can integrate everything with a few clicks using Integration Hub. The only detail is these spokes are licensed per number of transactions. So, is it more effective to develop API integrations from the ground up, give up the integration and look for workarounds, or just consume the license? These crystal balls questions are impossible to answer without a reasonably detailed upfront enterprise architecture and desk research.



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