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Notes and observations from the world of professional and enterprise software

Internal Memos

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Pit Stop


Book Review — How Design Makes the World

How Design Makes the World by Scott Berkun

After years of practice in design field, it is never too late to read an introductory design book. This book was released in 2020 and contains a fresh new perspective on design fundamentals. A minimum amount of “thank you captain obvious” with timely relevant parallels with urbanism and social media make the book a worthy read.

In enterprise software platforms, the end consumer of the business benefits is different from the user, but it is always worth reminding simple four questions.

What are you trying to improve?
Who are you trying to improve it for?
How do you ensure you are…

Finding Microsoft’s next default font

🖖Team Bierstadt here.

Beyond Calibri: Finding Microsoft’s next default font

Touchscreen UI

How to Deal with Difficult People

The following list of 48 archetypes attempts to describe the most common types of difficult people found on software projects.

Keyboard History

Metric Display

Tim SheinerMetric Display Standards

When should you end a conversation?

To see how good people were at intuiting their partners’ preferences, the researchers asked participants to guess what they thought their conversation partners had wanted and found that their…

PM and UX job responsibilities

This is an interesting insight into misalignment with modern roles of PM and UX that are increasingly overlapping. The overlap comes with the democratization of collaboration and UI design tools such as Miro or Figma, design systems, or widespread “design thinking” methods that are now used in all functions and domains. Questions related to customer knowledge highlight that study is mostly related to the consumer world. It does not touch…

Outlook UI

Outlook Brings the Noise Jonathan Baker-Bates

Storyboard and Scenarios

Products and Platforms

Growth vs Scale

But when there is no free market, what it really means to grow?

We approach most of new opportunities as growth opportunities, e.g., staffing a new team, assuming the team develops a new product generating revenue covering…


If there is a core product design lesson to learn from Excel, it’s that combining usability with flexibility is both incredibly difficult and incredibly rewarding.

The new space of low-code no-code tools is attracting a ton of investment dollars, but it’s still viewed…

Pick Predictably Irrational on GoodReads.

This was an entertaining read from the behavioral economic domain, and I was able to draw a few interesting parallels with the world of enterprise software and service management domain.

Why everything is relative

If we freely diverge in the design process without in-depth knowledge about the constraints, we might design…

Enterprise UX Shreds

Notes and observations from the world of professional and enterprise software

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