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Using Enterprise Design Sprints to provide fastest-ever Milky Way maps

Enterprise Design Sprint and Milky Way Workshop at IRM UK Enterprise Architecture and BPM Europe conference, London, 2018

This is a joint press release originally published by IRM Sweden

IRM Sweden and EDA (Enterprise Design Associates), a unique network of global experts, consultants and practitioners specializing in Enterprise Design Sprints, are delighted to announce a collaboration that will accelerate the way companies manage business mapping and organizational change.

For several years, “The Milky Way”, IRM’s renowned Enterprise Architecture mapping Solution, has led the way in business geography visualisation. Now, The Milky Way map in symbiosis with Enterprise Design gives organisations an alternative starting point from where they can create a helicopter view of their operation — from IT systems and back office networks to strategic direction, company values and customer experience — in a timeframe of just a few days.

Introduction to The Milky Way Enterprise Map: Keynote by Annika Klyver and Cecilia Nordén at EDA’s 5th Intersection conference 2018 in Prague

Since being introduced by GV, Design Sprints have become a hot technique for accelerating the design of better products and services. But how to use them for enterprise-level innovation and transformation, from incremental progress to disruptive shifts? Combined with a Milky Way enterprise map, an Enterprise Design Sprint unleashes collective creativity and intelligence for seeing, visioning, strategizing, exploring, probing, prototyping, validating, building, and ultimate designing change at scale.

Tomomi Sasaki and Milan Guenther about Design Sprints at Scale at IxDA’s Interaction 18 conference in Lyon

At the end of 2018, IRM and EDA began a partnership to bring their distinct areas of business architecture expertise together. In September, they ran a trial training course involving eight participants from a variety of business development, marketing and consultancy backgrounds to explore ways of utilising EDA’s Design Sprints in the creation of Milky Way maps.

“The training helped me pinpoint the key changes that Enterprise Design Sprints bring to the GV approach: mapping includes business capabilities and processes, ideation has less of a ‘ game-changer ‘ role, validation involves system dependencies not just desirability by the user… All in the ambition to design change that can actually be delivered. “
— Nicolas Enjalbert, Design Director, NUMA Paris

Following the success of this workshop, in December, IRM and EDA brought on board their first live client with the goal of taking off from a different starting point and helping them cut the production time for a Milky Way map from a number of weeks to just a few days, using Design Sprint techniques honed by EDA.

The partners have now launched a training platform and are running workshops and seminars over the coming months to bring the concept to wider audiences.

By combining their expertise and commitment to innovation, IRM and EDA have made it possible for any organisation to benefit from efficient business architecture mapping.

In the past, Enterprise Design Sprints have been used mainly by start-ups and agile organisations — while detailed Milky Way-style visualisations have been the domain of large multinationals with complex requirements and diverse systems. Now companies of all sizes in any industry can see a holistic view of their organisation mapped out in front of them almost straight away.

A year ago, we would never have thought it possible to produce our Milky Way maps so fast and with so much accuracy,” said Annika Klyver, Enterprise Architect at IRM and creator of the Milky Way.Often Our maps are the result of weeks of consultancy and deeply technical analysis of back office considerations. By harnessing the Enterprise Design Sprint model, we can produce a visualization almost immediately and work backwards — which is extremely valuable for clients.

We have always known that to decide where to go next, people need to see the way forward clearly,” said Milan Guenther, founder and managing partner at EDA. “Using a Milky Way map throughout the accelerated process of an Enterprise Design Sprint turns a fuzzy, ill-defined problem space into a shared visual map. This enables a mixed team to rapidly explore and think together, making it much easier to make the leap from big ideas to concrete solutions — and visually express the future of any enterprise.

About Enterprise Design Associates
Behind any successful product or service, there is an enterprise designed to deliver. Enterprise Design Associates helps organisations of all shapes and sizes to innovate and transform, relying on a global network of enterprise designers, entrepreneurs and leaders. Engagements include enterprise design work with Toyota, SAP, Boeing, OECD, and the UN. Drawing from work with Google and scaling startups, EDA created the Enterprise Design Sprint format to make this powerful tool enterprise ready. Founded in 2009, the team published the book Intersection introducing the Enterprise Design Framework and case studies, and runs the annual Intersection conference in Europe (talk videos available here).

About IRM Sweden and The Milky Way Enterprise Map
IRM Sweden is a leading Scandinavian Enterprise and Business Architecture consultancy, making companies more efficient and flexible through well-proven methods for development of systems, operations and business with 30 years of experience. The Milky Way Enterprise Map is a solution that ties together all other enterprise architecture models, and makes them easy for everyone within an organisation to understand. It simplifies the part of the enterprise architecture model which is visible to the organisation and helps demonstrate the consequences changes in work procedures might have on other parts of the business.



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