Kate Hudson, a talented actress and Hollywood icon has been a familiar face for years. Having roles in popular movies such as Fool’s Gold, My Best Friend’s Girl and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, she can be deemed one of America’s sweethearts. But, in recent years, she has expanded her talents beyond the screen and has used her creative abilities to create a clothing line by the name of Fabletics. Recently being the brand’s third year anniversary, the clothing line has been nothing but successful

Fabletics was c0-founded by Kate Hudson as a way to bring affordable athletic fashion to women and men. She realized that there were plenty of luxury workout brands but couldn’t find anything that was high quality and still affordable. She teamed up with Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg to create a line that did just that, all while adding a touch of fashion.

Now being an up and running website, people can subscribe to Fabletics and be sent a complete workout outfit each month. By being a member of Fabletics, people receive promotional emails reminding them to choose their outfit for the month, along with stellar discounts and more. To make the brand more personable to consumers, you can shop “Kate’s Picks” which are items that Kate has personally pieced together to create a fashionable outfit. Through Kate’s personal Instagram, she is always promoting the brand as well as making sure her followers are following the Fabletics Instagram page so that they can receive the latest updates. By visiting the Fabletics page, Kate’s face and body are splayed all over. Being a model and ambassador for the brand, this is a very effective tactic to put a face with the name.

Since the success of her brand has been booming, Fabletics now has 18 stores across the U.S. With the latest opening being in Honolulu, Hawaii, they are expected to be opening more stores in 2017.