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Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

Millennials, Devices and Device Management

The Millennial and the work-space

The millennial or the generation Y in the industry are looking for more flexibility. They are more device oriented than any other generation that has come before. They can always be seen accessing their devices on the go. Most love working remotely - working in cafes, libraries and in co-working spaces. According to Gartner, the mobile device usage and mobile device penetration is expecting a further growth in the near future.

To keep up with these trends employees can be encouraged to use mobile devices within the corporate network for work purposes providing the freedom and flexibility they strive for. Yet, this would lead to creation of issues in terms of the protection of company data, and productivity of the employees — if the data and applications are misused.

Why secure mobile devices?

The mobile devices can either be corporate owned or users’ own devices. Options such as BYOD — Bring Your Own Device support this by encouraging employees to use their own devices. Research has found that employees are more comfortable with their own devices than a new corporate-owned one. In addition to that, there shall be no switching or learning process required and will also be cost effective for the company.

However, mobile devices unlike any other component in a company network can be harder to secure. This is because they have additional capabilities such as the ability to connect to the internet via service providers without using corporate networks. This can result in blacklisted URLs in the company being accessed both on purpose and inadvertently.

Manage mobile devices of your corporate network

Mobile devices also enable users to download third-party mobile applications from app stores. This can result in the installation of malicious software on devices. When there are several applications running on a device it can distract the employees from their original task. Mobile devices are also heavily used and popular for its portability in comparison to other electronic devices.
These features have made it harder to secure and protect the devices as well as the corporate data accessed by the devices.

What is Enterprise Mobility Management?

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions have tackled the above challenges enabling employers as well as employees to continue using mobile devices without any distress.
It is a platform enabling mobility in an organization that allows to securely manage corporate devices, content and applications in mobile devices.

Mobility — Mobility is the ability to move freely

Entgra EMM

Entgra EMM is an opensource Enterprise Mobility Management platform and is the successor of the WSO2 EMM. It is continuously evolving, incorporating the latest in-demand features that cater to the needs of organizations. Entgra EMM also supports multiple platforms and advanced integration capabilities.

Employers are given with the facility of managing and securing the corporate data in the devices. Employer-owned devices can be managed at a granular level with Entgra EMM. In the case of employee owned devices, corporate data can be maintained in a separate profile of a users device, which thereby can be managed by the employer.

Entgra EMM Platform — Dashboard

Examples for features enabled by the Entgra EMM :

  • Ability to restrict inbuilt device functionality such as cameras, microphones etc.
  • Track the location of a specific device
  • Employers can define the set of applications allowed in the device
  • Black-list and white-list URL and applications
  • Remotely install applications, lock device and wipe corporate data
  • Possibility to get real time statistics of the device
  • Receive alerts and notifications based on the configurations

& much more.

Entgra — Device Restrictions

The power of EMM resides in its ability to empower both the employer and employee.

It empowers employers to become forward-looking; protecting corporate data against security vulnerabilities of the devices, and it enables employees to have the freedom to safely use their own or corporate mobile devices, whenever they require.
At the rate of adoption of mobile devices, EMM and Mobile Device Management (MDM) will become must-haves for corporate security in the near future.

There are many more interesting features facilitated by the Entgra EMM, contact Entgra team to learn more. We’d love to hear from you!



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