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Managing Enterprise Mobile Applications Distribution

- MAM Solutions from Entgra

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Dilbert Struggling with MDM

Gartner definesa Mobile Application Management (MAM) tool as an on-premises or SaaS (Software as a Service) tool specifically designed for the license management, distribution, securing and life cycle management of apps for mobile device platforms.

  • Application life cycle management and securely deploying applications on user devices.
  • Application store that provides the capabilities to install/uninstall or upgrade applications on user’s devices.
  • Enabling the management of corporate apps as well as public apps from Google Play Store or Apple app store.
  • App management including managing licenses, bulk license provisioning and scheduled app management.
  • Managing the life cycle of mobile applications from the point of creating the application to installing it on a device.
  • Ensuring certain applications become visible only to those with defined permissions.
  • Managing mobile application versioning and updating mobile applications.
  • Installing mobile applications on multiple devices simultaneously using enterprise subscriptions.
  • Blocklist or Allowlist mobile applications.
Our Mobile Application Management Overview*³
  • One-time setup.
  • Management is completely remote and does not require possession of the device.
  • Requires minimal admin intervention and zero user action.
Entgra App Publisher Portal
Entgra App Store Portal
  1. How to Publish an Application and Add Reviews — (video)
  2. How to Add a New Enterprise App Release and Manage the Life Cycle — (video)
  3. Google Enterprise App Management — (guide)
  4. How to Install/Uninstall Apps in BYOD Mode — (video)
  5. Managing Applications — (guide)



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