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Doubling Down on Israeli Technology with $300m

Entrée Capital Israel Funds Team

We’d like to thank our investors, team, and founders for believing in Entrée’s mission of partnering with exceptional founders to build the impossible.

💲 What we are funding and how:

  • The first is stage: pre-seed and seed investing is different to Series A and B investing. From the measurements used, the cadence of interaction with founders, to the maturity of teams and more. We believe this stage is very much driven by founders, timing, and ideas i.e. qualitative vs quantitative measures.
  • The second is opportunity set: the Early Growth Fund can make decisions to invest in our own maturing early stage companies as well as investing in anti-portfolio opportunities. Being human, we are often wrong or simply miss a deal. So this gives us another bite at the cherry 😉. An advantage we have with the latter is that we have seen the companies, interacted with them, watched them grow and we can thus move quickly bringing our later stage global tier-1 VC partners to the table as and where needed.

Ultimately, we want to be “partnering with the exceptional to build the impossible.” And to do this we invest relatively early to enjoy the results of the value we bring.

👥 Growing the Team

We are serial entrepreneurs — believing in people who want to change the world is in our DNA.



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