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Hey guys, writing is an addiction for me.

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Is it for you too? Well, then you found the right place!

The goal of this publication is simple: Remove limitations from our minds.

This is the technology age.

Remember when Copernicus was afraid to say the Earth was not flat? He was so afraid his book went unpublished until AFTER death.

There are so many traditions out there that we believe. We believe jobs are normal and that compound interest makes people rich.

Both of these are limiting beliefs. See, two posts can be made form those.

It’s time we remove limiting beliefs from our minds.

But I need your help

Let’s discuss a few things below.

Submission guidelines:

Here are the topics we publish:

  • A tradition you find to be false
  • Increased efficiency in any area
  • Your story of leaving the 9 to 5
  • Failed businesses or successful businesses
  • Motivation, growth, and success posts
  • Personal development and business ideas
  • Life lessons or mistakes

Here are some more key stats I found (source):

Claps are like Facebook likes.

* Writing for a 6th grade reading level = +25% claps
* Articles averaging 12-15 words per sentence = +20% claps
* Easy to read sentences = +43% claps
* Power words like Great/Top/Best in titles = +21% claps
* Using sentence-case titles = +20% claps
* Using direct calls to action = +25% claps
* Publishing on Tuesdays & Saturdays = +33% claps

(Credit goes to The Ascent for this info)

The optimal post length time is 7 minutes. Make sure it’s value-packed and with pictures.

How to Get Started

#1 Apply Here

#2 Make solid Content

Always give first. Your post should not be solely about you gaining traffic, followers, money. No. It should be about adding value to people’s lives, first. Then come the money and followers.

  • Value. Value. Value. Write FANTASTIC quality content.
  • Stories. Always include a story on how something happened to you. I can’t write about how good octopus tastes if I’ve never tried it.
  • Proofread and edit. Use Grammarly.
  • Tag people in your stories. Throw them a public shoutout if they’ve inspired you or your writing in some way.
  • Don’t oversell. Try not to be super spammy for sales. I actually tried it in a post one time just to see and it was pretty brutal. (I’ll let you find it on your own).

#3 Submit Content & We Will Review it

Click the ellipsis and then select “Add to publication”

Then select Entrefied and submit!

#4 Editing

We will NEVER mess with your content or your words. Writing is unique and shouldn’t be tampered with. That being said, it’s imperative that you proofread and make your posts look pretty. Grammarly is an awesome plugin for your browser that corrects misspellings.

#5 Your post becomes published!

You did it! Your work is now under a publication and you can sit back while the views pour in. Thank you for your contribution and I hope we can make a positive impact on the world together.

I also included a bonus below!

Expand Your Network With These Steps:

  • Follow those who engage Follow peeps that like your content. Most will follow back and you will have made it easier for people who liked one thing you wrote to see more things you write, from this point forward.
  • Engage on the other Ascent articles you find interesting. Offer them valuable insights and feedback when appropriate.
  • Connect your Twitter account to your Medium profile. When we (or anybody else on Medium) tweet your post, you’ll automatically get tagged.
  • Twitter. If you have your Medium account connected to Twitter and someone who has an account on Medium follows you there, they’ll automatically start following you on Medium as well.
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