Millennials Are Shifting The Workplace

For a long time we focused on Baby Boomers and their impact on society and the workforce. However, that generation that was always the largest generation around had kids, which means this new generation is now the biggest ones around. And guess what…? Those “kids” are now fully into the workforce and changing things up. You’ve probably noticed some these trends, but the most successful businesses are ones that embrace these Millennials and the amazing skills they contribute.

Millennials Are Quick Learners
Millennials have grown up with the need to learn things on the fly. New technologies emerged daily for them and they learned them as they went. This means that they’re not scared of learning new technologies and often can figure programs out on their own. Compare that with many Baby Boomers who need deliberate instruction and training on new technologies, and you can see what a great asset Millennials are to growing businesses.

Millennials Are Confident
This generation often gets a bad name for being cocky, but confident is actually a better word for this trait. They have learned that to survive in the world they have to appear confident to be taken seriously. Sometimes this can be a turnoff, especially to people who have worked their way up the ladder over a long period of time. However, if you can harness this confident spirit and let Millennials head up projects or tasks, they’ll often thrive.

Millennials Want Input
Millennials want to know how they are doing and where they stand. When they hear nothing, they start to assume the worst. Instead, transparency helps them know where they stand and where the company is at. If you’re not providing this transparent input don’t be surprised if Millennials start looking elsewhere for validation.

Millennials Move Around
This vibrant generation is notorious for job hopping, especially earlier in their career. If a job situation isn’t fitting them, they’ll go look for a job that will. Know this going in, but also know that if you provide the right environment, they won’t be looking for greener grass anywhere else.

Millennials Want To Make A Difference
People in the Millennial generation are out to change the world and make it better! Don’t be surprised if they come into a team full of ideas and suggestions. The best teams embrace these new, fresh perspectives. And, if you can help Millennials understand how they individually are making an impact in the bigger picture, you’ll gain major loyalty among this growing group of professionals.

The goal is always to build out the best team possible, and today that means including Millennials and their mindset. Yes, they’re different from their parents and they bring a lot of change to the business world, but they bring a lot of good change!

Originally posted on EntreNash

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