🔑 to accomplishing → goals / dreams / LEGACY (how to guide)

It’s amazing how a simple guide could drastically change your future/life. Trust me, this is not a “hidden” secret to success, it’s just a simple and proven method that will work.

Envision the path to your Legacy.

For starters, we will need to create a staircase towards your dreams/goals. I’m sure you have heard of that saying that goes something like.. “Every journey begins with one step etc.” GREAT! But, it’s pointless to start taking the first step in your journey.. if you have no freaking clue of where to go.

Create a map for the path.

When you have envisioned your path, it’s now possible to create a map towards that goal you have in mind. Your map should be designed backwards and what I mean is this. Goal/Dream/Legacy → Today/Now, this allows you to tackle various milestones that will lead towards the end goal. This concept will make more sense bellow.

The Big Five 🔑 Milestones

When you have created the map to your goals, you will need to make historical milestones and or as I like to call them… “The Big Five 🔑Milestones.” They are basically, 
#1: Daily: Goals that will help you accomplish your weekly goal
#2: Weekly: Goals that will help you accomplish your monthly goal
#3: Monthly: Goals that will help you accomplish your yearly goal
#4: Yearly: Goals that will help you accomplish your decade goal
#5: Decade: FINALLY! Goals that will help you accomplish your LEGACY

“..they go to bed every night a little wiser than when they got up.”

It’s Daily or Die.

If you can’t accomplish your daily goals, then your weekly.. monthly.. yearly.. and finally your goals/dreams/Legacy are DEAD. This is the simple part I was talking about, it’s not a difficult concept to grasp. Create a strong habit of finishing and creating your daily goals with my “Five 🔑 Milestones” rule and the results will start speaking for themselves.

I would love to challenge you to try this out for just ONE day, then a week and finally one month. If it works, by all means.. please go accomplish that awesome LEGACY of yours, the Five 🔑 Milestones awaits you. If you can accomplish your daily goals, then nothing is stopping you from accomplishing your LEGACY!!

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This blog post was inspired by a question I got from a follower, so for more in-depth analysis/visual talk.. check out this episode.

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