Starting a Drone Business in Africa

The drone market is only getting started, especially in the developing countries of Africa. This is the best time to enter the market, and I have a few guidelines that will help you when getting started.

Get the Demand, before Getting the Drone.

This is a guide to starting a business, not a hobby. So don’t get the drone yet, first, you need to actually understand the demand in your target market. Know the who, what, where, when and how. To explain the five w’s in a simple way, this is what I mean.

→ Who will require your drone services?
 → What services will they require?
 → Where will they be getting those services?
 → When will they be getting those services?
 → How much will they be paying you?

How to Answer the Five W’s, Without the Drone.

It’s not yet the time to get drone because you have still not gotten demand or understood the market you want to enter. To answer the Five W’s that I presented above, you can do this by simply going out and asking. Let me give you a quick example,

Picture Credits: bhphotovideo

Business Idea (example)“Provide drone service that takes pictures/videos for people”

Answering Five W’s “Pick up the phone and start contacting current businesses that would need those services (photographers, wedding organizers, etc.), the “Who’s” in your market and finally explain the services to get answers to the other 4 W’s.”

By simply doing this, you would have taken out a lot of risk when starting. To learn more about turning an idea into a business, read my other article here.

RotorX V2 Atom

Get to the Drone!!

All systems go, your business idea is ready to be executed into an actual services or product. The Five W’s have well prepared you on a set agenda on how to go into the market, plus the businesses you contacted are lined up to try your service/product and or even already have pre-orders in place.

That is not all, after understanding the market you will be able to calculate things like, what drone to get, how many, and etc. The Five W’s rule eliminates the “guessing game” and turns it into the “execution game.”

Using Drones in the African Market

Now that you have understood how to start a drone business and also the process you should use to validate the idea, let’s take a look at how drones can solve some of the challenges that Africa faces. For starters, we know that Agriculture is one of the largest markets in Africa and also it happens to be outdoors where drones have the upper advantage. Drones can be used to survey the land and collect useful data that can then be used to solve problems. I don’t want to go into the specifics and or write a long list of other ways drones can be used because I went more in detail on my YouTube video that you can find bellow :)

The African Horizon Awaits Your Drone Business

The market is young, it’s yet to understand the true value and demand for drone services. This is your opportunity to go show the African market just how useful your drone business can become, and by following the starter guidelines above, the risk will be reduced and you will start getting people to think about your idea, and soon the idea will become a business.

Their are lots of opportunities, taking photos and videos is just one example, you have many other areas of the African market you can create a business on.

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For a more in-depth analysis / and or if you like watching videos more than reading… check out this episode I made.

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