The 5 W’s of Winning in Starting a Business

This is going to be one of the shortest, quickest, and to the point guide that is actually going to make a great difference in the short and long-term of your business. This is also because this article is simply going to introduce you to the material we’re going to go over and my YouTube video will explain more in detail.

When you’re starting a business and or getting ready to turn that epic idea of yours into an actual product/service, you should really ask your self the following questions before even doing anything.

→ Who will require your services?
 → What services will they require?
 → Where will they be getting those services?
 → When will they be getting those services?
 → How much will they be paying you?

FYI: I know “H” is not a “W”, but I ended up making my YouTube (which you shall see bellow) with the title of “5 W’s etc. So the H is silent, but not.. idk I just went it so…, lets just keep moving on… haha

I came up with this concept during one of my blog posts (Starting a Drone Business in Africa) and I ended up realizing that those questions above would actually apply to any business, instead of just a drone. Now, if you want a great detailed example of how this would apply, I would recommend you check out my blog post on starting a drone business, even if you’re not starting one.. Also if you enjoy reading more than watching videos, bellow you shall learn why.

I will still explain further in my 8 minutes YouTube video on how the 5 W’s will help you win in starting a business. I would have continued typing a long blog post about this, but my video provides a more “lively” example and explanation on how this applies to you and your business.

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