Go4Set — Follow the Irn Bru Energy

Last year a new energy approach was brought to lower secondary teaching.

Look carefully how energy changes …

The specification of the Go4Set School is an Island project talks in 3 places about energy: general provision, specific sourcing for fire detection, & .. The students attitude to wind turbines seemed lukewarm and the initially specified animal farm has been replaced by a battery one. One of the key benefits is that there is then no need for electrical grid infrastructure, as power anywhere is delivered by popping in a new battery. {Can such be extended to other utilities (water), what are the dis-benefits and will such make physical model design easier — that is bundles of batteries/water bottles... to create Display conversation points. }

During the design phase the students have been attracted to a helipad for the school; indeed the need for a port has been dismissed. So these consumables can be easily shipped around/in by electrically powered transport eg drones. Land based electric vehicle propulsion technology is a topical subject. And platinum, due to its cost is a key catalyst in Fuel Cells used on such as Hydrogen (also a component in an “Ocean”)buses.

Now while I appreciate that the above mix (theory drives practical) suits my learning approach it may not students, especially as even these guys struggle understanding battery function.


PS there is also this video about Energy: