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Essential 2015 FinTech Events

Silicon Valley is coming.” This is the warning that Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase, included in his latest letter to shareholders. Startups are disrupting industries across all verticals worldwide, and now, a new wave of FinTech startups are ensuring that traditional financial service companies adapt to new lending and spending behaviors. In 2014 alone, FinTech startups secured $12 billion of investment, which was $4 billion higher than the previous year, and were valued at $4.7 trillion by Goldman Sachs.

We’re also taking a cue here at NXTP Labs and announcing a FinTech Accelerator Program.

Whether you’re a trailblazer or current industry member in the Financial world, we know you’re already keeping up on disruptive news within the industry. If you want to go a step further and engage in more conversation around these happenings, join one of the many FinTech events around the globe.

We’ve laid out highlighted events for the rest of 2015, all you have to do is get yourself there:

Next Bank + BBVA Talent European Finals

Next Bank is an independent, open organization in which community members form local chapters (similar to Ted Talks) and gather local FinTech junkies. This year, Next Bank will be hosting the BBVA Open Talent European Finals in Barcelona as well as the Americas Finals in New York.

BBVA Open Talent

BBVA banking group is on a mission to partner with FinTech entrepreneurs focused on e-commerce, security, mobile payments and data. They will be announcing the Latin American Finalists September 10, the USA and Rest of the World Finalists September 15, and finally, the European finalists September 22.

Finnovista FinnoSummit, September 10, Mexico City, Mexico

Finnovista unites major players in the Finance Industry in the Latin American region. This year in Mexico, the event will host the Latin American Finals of the BBVA Open Talent Competition.

Finnovista brings FinnoSummit to Bogota December 3.

Consensus, September 10, New York

CoinDesk, the leading publisher of independent news and analysis on digital currencies and blockchain technologies, facilitates engaging debates on how digital currency and blockchain can solve current, real-world problems.

FinTech Week, September 14–20th, London, UK

This year marks the second annual FinTech Week hosted in the financial capital of the World. This event aims to bridge the knowledge gap between established multi-national industry members and disruptive start-ups who are making positive changes by offering a stacked agenda of workshops, mini conferences, networking events and will finish off with a weekend hackathon.

Finovate, September 16–17, New York

This disruptive event is demo only, which means no powerpoint presentations and more action. Since 2007, more than 700 companies have demonstrated their products on stages worldwide for audiences of more than 1,000 FinTech trailblazers.

FinTech Americas, October 22–23, Miami

Bankers & Financial Service Executives from the US & Latin America responsible for management, business growth, technology platforms, marketing and client relations will gather in Miami for this 2-day conference. Focused on developing and advancing traditional financial services, the agenda will look at current challenges and technological and innovation opportunities for banks in the U.S. and Latin America to help banks to become more digitally adept and competitive.

Money2020, October 25–28, Las Vegas

Money2020 holds the most mass. This year, organizers present more than 400 confirmed speakers to an anticipated audience of 10,000 attendees, with these kinds of numbers, I think it’s safe to say they’ll hold true to their statement that the agenda covers every aspect of how managing, spending and borrowing money is evolving.

FinTech Startups Conference, November 10, San Francisco

This full-day event focuses on discussing investment trends and changes in the industry, and highlights the latest innovations from top FinTech startups through lightning demos, and of course, there’s networking.

Check out the agenda for an easy reference to these events here.

Know about a FinTech event that we haven’t listed here? Leave a note for us in the comments!

This post was originally published on August 18 at NXTPLabs.com

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Entrepreneurial Insights

The Latest from NXTP Labs’ network

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